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A Young Jersey, (painting)

Carr, Lyell
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 380 (Sale info: $150.00).
"It is not unwarrantable to assert that neither Troyon nor Van Marcke has ever painted anything better than Lyell Carr's 'Young Jersey.' If the artist has the ability to do, as often as he pleases, what he has done this once so well, his future will admirably take care of itself - and of him. The anatomy of the animal is drawn with a degree of perfection that argues either great knowledge or an exceptionally keen power of observation on the part of the painter, and the hair, painted broadly and simply, is wonderfully realistic in quality. On the bended neck the ridge of soft wooly hair tempts you to smooth it with your hand. There is excellent harmony in the coloring in the whole composition, but the calf, with its head half buried in the bucket, is the picture. - Louisville Courier-Journal." [P. 61.]
Catalogue of Works of Art in the Art Building of the Southern Exposition at Louisville, Ky. Prepared by Charles M. Kurtz. Published for the Art Committee by John P. Morton and Company, 1883.
Artist address: New York, New York.
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AECI 03850382
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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