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Evening, New Jersey, (painting)

Wyant, A. H. b. 1839
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 343 (Sale info: $500.00).
"N.A. (see no. 39.) In landscape art the American artists are leading the world to-day. Who is there now living who can excel George Inness when Inness is at his best. And who, better than Wyant, can lead man's thoughts away from himself in the petty affairs of his world, into a contemplation of the mystery and beauty and wonderfulness of god's world. The pictures of Inness and Wyant, in technique differing as they do, in the same manner show the spectator how much there is in nature that he has seen without perceiving, and create in him a fuller desire to study the sublime teachings of nature for himself. Their pictures, like those of Corot, are full of the spirit and the poetry of nature. But while Corot only gives us an impression of the spirit of the scene, they give us the realization of the scene itself along with all of its spirit. And they do this without sacrificing the poetry that Corot saw in nature. - Louisville spectator." [P. 55; see serial 03850039 for commentary on artist.]
Pupil of Gude.
Catalogue of Works of Art in the Art Building of the Southern Exposition at Louisville, Ky. Prepared by Charles M. Kurtz. Published for the Art Committee by John P. Morton and Company, 1883.
Artist address: New York, New York.
Artist professional affiliation: National Academician.
Landscape--New Jersey
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AECI 03850345
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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