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Specimens of Daguerreotypes, (photograph)

Whipple, John A.
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 807
Daguerreotypes. . . . It would be impossible, had we not the opportunity of comParison, to estimate the vast difference between a poor and a firstrate daguerreotype. In the former, every thing is hard, dry, rigid, and disagreeable; . . . In the latter, the flesh is preserved in all its beautiful gradations of form and texture, the most delicate lights playing over its surface in a thousand different degrees of intensity; the fabrics are soft, easy, and graceful; the action and expression natural and refined. In these respects, the works of Messrs. Southworth & Hawes, (No. 1092,) and Mr. Whipple, (No. 807,) are by far the finest in the exhibition. So excellent are the works presented by both these artists, that it would seem almost invidious to draw any line of distinction between them; . . . Though the works of Mr. Whipple are distinguished by good arrangements, and a careful manipulation in the operator, which gives, at the same time, force and delicacy, yet the last subtle gradations of tint and expression are better given in the best specimens of Messrs. Southworth and Hawes. . . . [Pp. 21-22; see entry 03640064 for other set of daguerreotypes noted in this commentary.] Very good. (See Preliminary Remarks, Pp. 21, 22.) Silver Medal. [P. 28.]
The Fifth Exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, at Faneuil and Quincy Halls, in the City of Boston, September, 1847. Boston: Published by Dutton and Wentworth, for the Association. 1848.
Artist address: Boston.
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AECI 03640063
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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