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Companion, the Quilting Frolic, (painting)

Krimmel, John Lewis
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 120 (Sale info: For Sale).
"These subjects are taken from life, the scenes in Pennsylvania. his pictures are usually small, and his subjects were interiors, generally, of conversations, rural festivals, with a number of figures, which he executed with a neat pencil, and with much nature and truth, had he lived, his pictures would have procured him much honour as well as continual employment. The above two pictures were painted for the express purpose of having them engraved. Painted by the late unfortunate John Lewis Krimmel, of Philadelphia. The following communication is taken from Poulson's American Daily Advertiser of August 6th, 1821. "' The late Mr. Krimmel - when kings, princes, and other privileged orders die, the world is filled with high sounding eulogiums on their great worth; giving to the deceased often credit for virtues which they never possessed, and generally measuring their value and usefulness by the extent of their power or wealth; while men of humble birth, possessing genius, learning, industry and virtue, frequently live and die in obscurity. It often happens that the worth of such men is not fairly appreciated until we are deprived of them forever. - the death of Mr. Krimmel is a severe loss to the arts. He was in every sense a man of worth. He possessed a comprehensive and penetrating mind. In fact he had every qualification to make a great painter. - the pictures of Mr. Krimmel have long been considered by artists and men of taste, as works of great merit, yet this painter, with all his industry, and that too exercised for more than ten years in the populous and wealthy city of Philadelphia, (the Athens of America) could hardly obtain the means of subsistence. His extraordinary merit at last attracted the notice of some of our most distinguished and intelligent citizens, who, a few weeks previous to his premature death,* liberally engaged him to paint a picture of the landing of William Penn. The sun of prosperity was beginning to shine on this unfortunate artist. Already had the chilling fogs of poverty, which had so long hovered over him, begun to disperse, and the high road to fame an fortune appeared before him, when in the prime of life, and in the full enjoyment of health and vigour of mind, the cold hand of death shut his eyes forever. - The loss of Mr. Krimmel is a public loss. His pursuits and modest habits rendered the circle of his acquaintance compara- tively small; but they were all his friends. He died as sincerely regretted as he was beloved while living. * he was drowned while bathing in a mill pond, near Germantown.'" [P. 19-20; see serial 03260119 for companion picture.]
Descriptive Catalogue of Original Cabinet Paintings, now arranged in the Gallery, Doggett's Repository of Arts, entrance at No. 16, Market-Street, and may be viewed every day, from 8 in the morning till sunset; being a truly splendid and valuable Collection of one hundred and sixty-four Cabinet Paintings in elegant frames; selected on the Continent of Europe, at the Expense of thirty thousand dollars, and are warranted to comprise the works of the Great Masters, from the 13th Century to the Present Time.
Artist address: Philadelphia.
Figure(s) In Interior--Domestic
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AECI 03260120
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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