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Companion, Upright Landscape, Ruins, Figures, &c., (painting)

DaTivoli, Rosa 1655-1705
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 72 (Sale info: For Sale).
[See entry 03260071 for companion piece.] design is always correct, his colouring is bold and full of force; his touch is remarkably free, firm, and spirted, and his scenery is elegantly agreeable. his lights and shades are distributed with peculiar judgment, his figures and cattle are skillfully grouped and the hair and wool of his animals have a strong look of nature, and a bold effect, by the broad manner of his pencilling. His skies, backgrounds, situations, and distances, shew an elegant choice and a masterly observation as well as execution; and in every one of his compositions we see truth and real nature. As an instance of the incredible power of roos in execution and invention, it is recorded that the imperial ambassador, count martinez, wagered a large sum of money with a swedish guard that roos would paint a picture, of three quarters' size, while they were playing one game at cards; and in less than half an hour the picture was finished, though it consisted of a landscape, with two or three sheep and goats, and one figure. That wonderful proof of his readiness and genius, was amply rewarded by the ambassador, for he bestowed on the artist one half of the sum that had been won by his dexterity. Painted by Rosa Da Tivoli, who was born in frankfort, 1655, died 1705." [P. 10.]
Descriptive Catalogue of Original Cabinet Paintings, now arranged in the Gallery, Doggett's Repository of Arts, entrance at No. 16, Market-Street, and may be viewed every day, from 8 in the morning till sunset; being a truly splendid and valuable Collection of one hundred and sixty-four Cabinet Paintings in elegant frames; selected on the Continent of Europe, at the Expense of thirty thousand dollars, and are warranted to comprise the works of the Great Masters, from the 13th Century to the Present Time.
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AECI 03260072
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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