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One Frame containing Pencil Drawings, India Ink Drawings, Lettering, and Penmanship, (drawing)

Butler, Frederick S.
Ink, india/pencil
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. [not numbered]
Aged eleven years. [P. 153.] Best Drawing in India ink.--To Frederick S. Butler, of Sacramento--first premium. Subject, "Architectural Design." This very correct drawing in India ink displays the artistic touch, in the shading, of a masterly hand. The character of the landscape is well adapted to show off the chaste cottage style of architecture to perfection, while the perspective of the landscape and grading of the shadows in the distance are admirable. In the same large frame with this, are also exhibited several other designs in domestic architecture very correctly drawn and shaded, but lacking in that delicacy of touch which is so requisite in lead pencil drawings, and which will, doubtless, soon be acquired by our juvenile amateur. One of these designs is rendered complete by an elaborate ground plan, done in India ink with scientific accuracy. The arrangement and execution of the lettering, especially in the two racks of business cards, in each of the upper corners, are highly creditable. The cards themselves are so well shaded and relieved, as, at first glance, to lead one to suppose them to be removable. . . . Young Butler is the son of our talented architect, whose plans for the new state capitol . . . carried off the palm over several others. . . . [P. 211; entry includes an essay on the lack of art training in America and on the structure of European academies.]
Transactions of the State Agricultural Society.
Artist address: Sacramento, California.
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AECI 02620105
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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