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Monochromatic "Pet Fawn", (drawing)

Light, W. W., Mrs.
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Best Drawing, (monochromatic.)--To Mrs. W.W. Light, of Sacramento--first premium. Subject: "Our Pet Fawn." We have here a new feature of this lady's versatile talents, and we trust it will prove the forerunner of an on-coming era of animal portraiture. As has been satisfactorily proved at the cattle show, no country is better adapted by climate and other qualifications, for developing all the living forces wherewith life is endowed, than California, and it is high time that our artists had begun to follow in the steps of Rosa Bonheur, Contourier, and others, to the field that is here opened up for them. We are pleased to perceive that Mrs. Light has, in the present instance, set such a worthy example in the right direction. "Our Pet Fawn" is a very spirited and finished performance; and from the same pencil are other well executed specimens of animated nature. It is true there is some lack of gracefulness and nature where, perhaps, a faithful copy of the individual was only aimed at. The ideal fawn would show less angularity about the neck, and better proportioned ears. We cordially adjudge the work worthy of the first premium and again commend it to the attention of young amateurs who are too fond of using colors before they can draw a single object correctly from nature with the lead pencil. . . . [P. 212.]
Transactions of the State Agricultural Society.
Artist address: Sacramento, California.
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AECI 02620071
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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