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"Ford of the Yosemite," painted from Hutching's Magazine, (For Competition), (painting)

Dyer, Hannah E. Miss
Unknown (copy after)
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. [not numbered]
Miss Hannah E. Dyer of Sacramento, shows a commendable industry in eight pictures, executed by her; none of which, however, exhibit the study of nature. Why will young art students begin with oil-colors before they can draw a single object in nature correctly with the lead-pencil? And why will they copy pictures rather than copy nature? The reason, we apprehend, is this: they imagine they can reach a point without labor--the point that has been arrived at by years of unremitting toil, and a correct and systematic beginning. This is a great mistake. We cannot impress upon the mind of the young amateur too forcibly the importance of drawing correctly from nature. Until this is done, no work can be produced which will be worthy of criticism. Correct coloring, also, comes only from a closer observation. Nature is always harmonious in her combinations of color, and her beautiful tints can only be seen by the eye that is educated by study. The true artist sees colors which an ordinary observer cannot perceive, because he studies nature, which is infinite in color as well as in form. . . . The more you examine and observe nature, the more you are delighted and amazed at the beauty and infinity of her works. [Pp. 218-219; see entries 02620041, 02620042, 02620043, and 02620044 for other works noted in this commentary.]
Transactions of the State Agricultural Society.
Artist address: Sacramento County, California.
Landscape--River--Yosemite River
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AECI 02620040
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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