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Two Little Girls, (drawing)

Nahl Brothers
Ink, indian/miniature
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. [not numbered]
Indian ink drawing. Special premium. Pl. $20. [P. 192.] Special Premiums and Honorable Mention.--Messrs. Nahl Brothers of San Francisco. Besides those already enumerated under the head of award of premiums, there are several other works of great artistic merit, which the committee take pleasure, while exercising the privilege accorded them, in recommending for special premiums, as well as in making honorable mention; and foremost among these they would instance the exquisite miniatures, in India ink, of "Two Little Girls," by Nahl Brothers. Nothing we have ever seen, even among the choicest cabinets of Europe, surpasses the superlative finish of these marvelous conceptions of infantile loveliness--with their melancholy, expressive mouths, and dilated, sibylline eyes looking out deep into the future of the great world, in which they must soon inherit that dower of woman, which is "all of love and suffering from her birth." Verily, they are the crown jewels of the entire collection, and richly merit an extraordinary premium. [P. 284.]
Transactions of the State Agricultural Society.
Artist address: San Francisco.
Figure group--Female
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AECI 02610092
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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