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Stream, (painting)

Goddard, G. H.
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. [not numbered]
Water colored painting. 1st premium. Pl $10. [P. 193.] Painting in Water-Colors--First premium, George H. Goddard, Sacramento: To the little cabinet picture of this collection named "The Stream" is awarded the first premium. Nothing can surpass the liquidity of the water in this painting, which tells with solidity against the sky. The vegetation of the trees is massed with great naturalness, and the light is subtly and equally diffused throughout the dense and somber foliage. . . . The veins of every leaf in the foreground, every ramifying twig or branch for a middle ground, the lichens, seams, and crevices in rocks, many miles distant, the precise outline of every cloud, be it cirrus, stratus, cumulus, or nimbus, the mathematical gradation of every ripple in the water, all are defined with such microscopic exactitude that the sentiment and consistency of the whole is lost in the search after minutiae. Hence nothing is left for the imaginative faculty, which, clothing every scene from its own rich store of memory, is more affected by what is left unseen than by what is really seen. It is very evident that the author of the picture under consideration is not to be classed among these specific landscapists, but having studied nature with a loving eye and become imbued with her manifold beauties and subtleties, has learned how to render them cognizant to our senses in the school of Turner. [Pp. 279-280.]
Transactions of the State Agricultural Society.
Artist address: Sacramento.
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AECI 02610019
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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