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Plain Photographs, (photograph)

Scholten, John A.
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On the other side of the ladies' restaurant is the display of Mr. John A. Scholten, which is the most extensive of the kind in the hall. It includes every variety of picture that falls within the scope of the photographer's art, and of every size and shape--plain photographs, Rembrandts, colored photographs, and photographs colored on ivory. This collection comprises so many faces well known in St. Louis that it attracts no small amount of attention on the part of the city visitors. The coloring of photographs is a much more difficult work than many may suppose, and requires attentive study and a long experience before the power to impart natural tints is gained. It demands the utmost precision of touch as well as color-handling to tint a photograph without spoiling the accuracy of the likeness and the expression. In the majority of cases coloring photographs is merely an attempt at ornamentation, and not an effort to add animation and fidelity to the likeness. In several instances in Mr. Scholten's collection the practicability of coloring without injuring the likeness is well illustrated. The Rembrandts and pictures on ivory are very attractive and handsome, and the designs exhibited give additional brilliancy to the collection. [P. 73; see entries 02570007, 02570008, and 02570009 for other works noted in this commentary, and entry 02570001 for related commentary.]
Tenth Annual Report of the Saint Louis Agricultural and Mechanical Association. Prepared for Publication by John T. Tracy. St. Louis: Missouri Democrat Book and Job Printing House. 1871.
Artist address: St. Louis.
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AECI 02570006
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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