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The Fisher Girl, (sculpture)

Barbee (copy after)
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 80 (Sale info: To Be Distributed).
Statuette. In Parian. This composition, by the Virginia sculptor, Barbee, is so well known to the artistic world as to need little notice at our hands. It was brought to this city by the artist, and exhibited, along with his "Coquette," receiving the most enthusiastic commendations of the metropolitan press. It was, after exhibition, sold at the Merchant's Exchange, by auction, to the highest bidder. The sale attracted large crowds to the city, who desired the possessorship of the work. It was knocked down to the "Cosmopolitan Art Association," which distanced all other bidders, and transferred to the Gallery, 548 Broadway, where it now is. One purpose of the purchase was to secure it for reproduction in Parian, large size. It was therefore remodelled by Rogers, in such a manner as to excite the utmost praise and satisfaction from all who beheld the artist's work. This was sent to London, and there reproduced in pure Parian, by the celebrated house of the Messrs. Copeland. The statuettes are, hence, very choice, and will prove real treasures of art. The Association never has distributed any work better calculated to gratify its patrons and the public. [P. 192.]
Catalogue of Premiums. The following valuable Collection of Paintings, Statuary, etc., comprises the Premiums to be given to Subscribers.
Figure female
Recreation--Sport & Play--Fishing
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AECI 02430051
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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