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The Sick Chamber, (painting)

DeHooge, P.
Moore, John, Sir
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 8
(Painted by P. de Hooge in the 17th century.) This is a most characteristic picture--repose seems its one intent, and the eye cannot rest on it unsoothed, or the mind study its expressive tinges, without imbibing the spirit aimed at the painter. No picture not professedly of still life could have less animation than this. An attendant is seated beneath a high lattice, but her back is to the spectator, and her long eared cap hides even the outline of her neck and head from view. Optical deception is well exemplified in this painting; a green cloth covers a piece of furniture, it is mistaken for drapery over a sick cradle, and the hand is almost stretched forth to raise it, in order to discover the young invalid who is supposed to rest below. On closer scrutiny, the real nature of the drapery is understood, and the eye looks beyond the frame, as through a casement, to discover the sick bed in the opposite frame. . . . The female figure holds a book on her lap, poring over which she seems to be whiling away her watch. The high latticed windows admits no landscape view, it is fronted by another building. . . . [P. 129.]
Exhibition of Pictures at Dalhousie College. February 11, 1830.
Portrait male
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AECI 02270003
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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