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An Interior, (painting)

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Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 6
(Painted by Metzu about 200 years ago.) This is a small, pleasing picture--it has that unobtrusive grace, that nameless delicacy, which so strongly characterize many old master-works. It represents a male and female seated in a plain apartment; little animation is visible, yet the painter-poet has, if we mistake not, told a long tale in a few expressive touches. The male figure sits behind a table on which rests a music book, his eyes are bent on its page and he strikes the notes timidly from a guitar. His long locks flow on his shoulders, and his downcast, unmusical glance, seems to have had a more gentle inspirer than Apollo to give it expression. The female, with trim head- dress, and rich, beautifully painted drapery of Dutch costume, seems a fine counterpart to the musician. On her right hand a parroquet is perched, but though she seems pleased with her brilliant favourite, she looks not at it, nor at the musician; nor yet with the tell-tale diffidence of coquetry on the ground; . . . [P. 129.]
Exhibition of Pictures at Dalhousie College. February 11, 1830.
Architecture interior
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AECI 02270002
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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