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Germanicus, (sculpture)

Unknown (Antique artist) (copy after)
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 16
The son of Drusus and Antonia, niece of Augustus, Tiberius made him Emperor of the East, but, moved with envy, plotted his death, and by the hand of Piso poisoned him at Daphne near Antioch, A.D. 19, in the thirty-fourth year of his age. He had nine children by Agrippina. He was celebrated not only for his military prowess, but for his learning, humanity and benevolence. The emperor is clad only with a cloak covering his left shoulder, wrapped about his loins and thrown over his left arm. The right forearm, the left hand and both feet are modern. Found at Gabii, and once in the Villa Borghese. Probably not a statue of Germanicus, but no better name has yet been suggested. The tortoise on which the drapery rests, bears the inscription in Greek letters: Cleomenes, son of Cleomenes, made this. Only the thumb and the forefinger of the left hand are gone. Once in the Villa Montalto or Negroni, then in the Gallery of Versailles.--Brigham, Cast Catalogue of Antique Sculpture, p. 85. [P. 13.]
1875. Descriptive Catalogue of Statuary, on Exhibition at the Gallery of the Maryland Historical Society Rooms, Athenaeum Buildings, St. Paul and Saratoga Streets, Baltimore. Baltimore: Printed by John Murphy & Co. Publishers, Booksellers, Printers and Stationers. 182 Baltimore Street, 1875.
Portrait male
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