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The Amazon of the Capitol, Rome, (sculpture)

Unknown (Antique artist) (copy after)
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 14
According to Pliny and Pausanias many statues of Amazons adorned the temple of Diana at Ephesus, as that sacred place had been an asylum when they were conquered by Bacchus. . . . The right arm is raised above the head, as if holding a bow from which the last arrow has been discharged; the empty quiver hangs at her left side; both arms and the left breast are bare, but the loose tunic is closely girded around the waist, and falls gracefully in many plaits; a strap encircles her left ancle, evidently for a spur, (the Amazons were the first to ride horses, and so usually have this implement;) and, as accessories, a helmet, lunate shield, and double-axe determine the subject. Although clumsily restored, the statue is one of the most pleasing of antiques. The neck, nose, part of the chin, and the right lower leg are the worst of these restorations; the arms are considered good. Visconti says of this statue that it "Truly merits all the admiration of lovers of art. The feminine graces become more marked and interesting by the free and daring spirit which marks every trait of his heroine."--Brigham, Cast Catalogue of Antique Sculpture, P. 26. [P. 12; ellipses appear in the catalogue.]
1875. Descriptive Catalogue of Statuary, on Exhibition at the Gallery of the Maryland Historical Society Rooms, Athenaeum Buildings, St. Paul and Saratoga Streets, Baltimore. Baltimore: Printed by John Murphy & Co. Publishers, Booksellers, Printers and Stationers. 182 Baltimore Street, 1875.
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