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Faun of Praxiteles, (sculpture)

Praxiteles (possibly copy after)
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 9
Perhaps a copy of the famous bronze by Praxiteles which was called accordingly Periboetos. Found in 1701 at Civita Lavinia. Almost all the left arm and a part of the right have been restored after other copies where these parts were uninjured; the nose is badly replaced. The youthfully delicate, and slender figure is resting with the right arm, which holds the flute, against the stem of a tree, while the left arm is carelessly placed on the side. Thus the whole bearing expresses that soft self-forgetfulness which steals over us in woods and solitudes, or by rippling brooks, and in excellent harmony with it is the open countenance, in which the animal organization is charmingly engaged for the naive roguery of youth, and is only evident in the ears.--Lubke, History of Sculpture, vi, 191. [P. 8.]
1875. Descriptive Catalogue of Statuary, on Exhibition at the Gallery of the Maryland Historical Society Rooms, Athenaeum Buildings, St. Paul and Saratoga Streets, Baltimore. Baltimore: Printed by John Murphy & Co. Publishers, Booksellers, Printers and Stationers. 182 Baltimore Street, 1875.
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AECI 02040009
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