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General Andrew Jackson, (painting)

Jackson, Andrew
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Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 79
Was born on the 15th March, 1767, at the Waxhaw settlement, about 45 miles from Camden, South Carolina, . . . The battle of Hanging Rock was the first in which Andrew Jackson was engaged; . . . In 1786, he commenced the practice of law, and was shortly afterwards appointed by the Governor of North Carolina, attorney-general of the western district. In 1794, he removed to Nashville, Tennessee, and was soon elected to a seat in the national legislature. In 1797, he represented the State in the United States senate, and was subsequently elected commander-in-chief of the Tennessee militia, and shortly after a Major-General in the United States Army. In 1799, he was appointed to the Supreme Court of law and equity in the State of Tennessee. In 1804, he resigned from the bench and returned to his estate. . . . In the war of 1812, Jackson's services were offered and accepted by Congress, . . . In 1816, October, he returned to Nashville, and in March, 1821, he was appointed by President Monroe, Governor of Florida. . . . [In] 1823, he took his seat in the United States Senate as a representative from Tennessee. In October, 1828, he was elected to the presidency of the United States, and in 1832 he was re-elected. In March, 1837, . . . he retired to the Hermitage, and died on the 8th of June, 1845, aged 78. [Pp. 18-19; excerpted from a detailed biography of Jackson.]
Catalogue of the National Portraits in Independence Hall: comprising many of those of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence and other distinguished persons connected with the early history of the efforts which resulted in the glorious Liberty we now enjoy. Philadelphia. 1856.
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