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Dogs and Game, (painting)

Fyt b. 1625
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 24
Born at Antwerp, about the year 1625. He lived sometime at Venice, and was an excellent painter of all kinds of animals, to which he gave a natural, bold, and elegant expression. He studied nature incessantly, and imitated her with the utmost truth and exactness. His colouring is strong and his touch firm, with a wonderful freedom of hand, and manner of pencilling peculiar to himself, which easily distinguish the works of Fyt from any other master. His general subjects were live and dead game, wild bears, hares, dogs, fruit, flowers, and birds, particularly partridges, which he touched with surprising truth, nature and strength, describing the hairs of his animals and the plumage of his fowl, with wonderful spirit, exactness, and freedom of pencil. Some of his pictures passed into Spain, from which place the two specimens by him were originally brought. They are extremely scarce and valuable, as are also his etchings. (On canvass--4 ft. 10 inh. by 3 ft. 11 inh.) [P. 13; see entry 01850031 for companion piece.]
Catalogue of Paintings, by the Great Masters, including Specimens of the First Class, of the Italian, Venetian, Spanish, Flemish, Dutch, French, and English Schools. It penetrates the inward recesses of the soul--even surpassing the power and force of eloquence.--Quintillian on the Art of Painting. Boston: Press of John H. Eastburn.
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AECI 01850024
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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