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Family of De Witt, (painting)

Rembrandt 1606-1674
De Witt
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 5
The Rembrandt--a picture of extraordinary richness is one of the finest and noblest works of its kind--equalling if not surpassing in beauty any similar work in Europe." [P. iii.] Born near Leyden, 1606; died 1874, aged 68. This is a surprising specimen of the powers of the master, and as a group is almost unequalled of its kind; it possesses all the splendour and charms of colour, a care of execution only to be found in his best works, a sweetness and simplicity of expression, and admirable truth of nature. The objects appear to live; and the infantine beauty of the children cannot be surpassed. Not any other artist could have treated the subject in so prepossessing and beautiful a manner; even Vandycke wants that charm and simplicity which makes this picture a transcript of nature, and for harmony, a piece of glowing gold. It is said of him that his objects are only to be equalled by nature, that his carnations are as true, as fresh, and as perfect as they appear in Titian, and in chiaroscuro his power is beyond that of any other master. (On canvas--6 ft. 9 inh. by 5 ft.) [Pp. 6-7.]
Catalogue of Paintings, by the Great Masters, including Specimens of the First Class, of the Italian, Venetian, Spanish, Flemish, Dutch, French, and English Schools. It penetrates the inward recesses of the soul--even surpassing the power and force of eloquence.--Quintillian on the Art of Painting. Boston: Press of John H. Eastburn.
Portrait group--Family
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