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Two figures of Canova's Ballerina, one who is commencing the dance, the other reposing, (sculpture)

Canova (copy after)
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 69 & 70 (Sale info: $60.00).
It is said by the brother and confident of Canova, that no work ever employed more of his thoughts or resulted more to his perfect content than the Dancer now before us. Benassae has in this, attempted to copy, in its most minute parts, the clay formed by the hand of his great master, . . . Ballerina stands in the attitude of one who has need of repose after the fatigue of dancing. For this purpose she leans against the trunk of a tree, which, with the left foot, supports her whole person. Her right foot is placed over the left, and her left hand rests upon her side; a garland of flowers encircles her arm and falls toward the wrist--the upper half of the other arm adheres closely to the body, while the lower half turns toward the breast, and the fingers are stretched with an exquisite grace in the direction of the cheek, which, as if it would move to meet them, bends a little toward them, but in a manner so endearing, so lovely, that words seek in vain to describe it. The arms are uncovered as also the neck, feet, and a small part of the legs, her dress falls in natural folds about her, and seems yet to move as if she had hardly ceased her dance. Any description must be cold and unavailable, and it is only in her presence we can appreciate her excellence. [P. 6.]
Catalogue of Marble Statuary exhibited at Harding's Rooms.
Figure female
Performing Arts--Dance--Ballet
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AECI 00040072
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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