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Landscape and Waterfall, (painting)

Ruisdael, Jacob 1636-1681
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 86
"RUISDAEL, (Jacob.)--Born at Haerlem, in 1636; he died in 1681. At twelve years of age, his productions surprised the best artists. Nature was his principal instructor, as well as his guide, and he studied her incessantly. The trees, skies, waters and grounds, of which his subjects were composed, were all sketched on the spot, just as they allured his eye, or delighted his imagination. The merits of Ruisdael, as a landscape painter, are of the highest description. His grounds are agreeably broken, his skies are clear, his trees are delicately handled--every leaf is touched distinctly and with great spirit. He perfectly understood chiaro-scuro and perspective; his distances have also a fine effect, and his masses of light and shade are distributed with such judgment, and contrasted with such harmony, that the eye and the imagination are equally delighted. His general subjects were views of the banks of rivers, hilly grounds, with natural cascades, &c. He excelled in torrents and impetuous waterfalls. Some of his best works are in the Ducal Palace, at Florence." No. 86. LANDSCAPE AND WATERFALL--on panel.--This is a good specimen of the master. The rapid torrent is well executed, and the landscape most true. A picture by this master is exceedingly scarce, particularly in so good a state of preservation. It is signed, J. RUISDAEL, 1670. [P. 55.]
Catalogue of the Pictures forming the collection of the Works of the Old Masters, with a List of the Engravings now being exhibited at the Gallery of the Lyceum Building, No. 563 Broadway. Second Edition. 1849. New York: George F. Nesbitt, Stationer and Printer, corner of Wall and Water Streets. 1849.
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AECI 01630088
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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