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A Carousal, (painting)

Terburg, Gerard 1608-1681
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 28
"TERBURG, (Gerard).--Born at Zwoll in 1608; he died in 1681. The subjects which he generally painted were conversations, persons engaged at different games, and domestic incidents, &c.--All copied from nature, but without that embellishment which is the result of elegance of choice. He finished his pictures highly, with a light and agreeable touch. His colouring is lively and transparent, and he shows a skillful management of the chiaro-oscuro. He was remarkable for introducing white satin in his compositions. His celebrated picture of the Congress of Munster, which belonged to the Duchess de Berri, was sold at auction to the Count Demidorff for 40,000 francs." No. 28.--A CAROUSAL.--This is a very finished picture, and in the most perfect state of preservation, and would form a pendant to the picture above alluded to. [P. 38.]
Catalogue of the Pictures forming the collection of the Works of the Old Masters, with a List of the Engravings now being exhibited at the Gallery of the Lyceum Building, No. 563 Broadway. Second Edition. 1849. New York: George F. Nesbitt, Stationer and Printer, corner of Wall and Water Streets. 1849.
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