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A Cottage and Figures, (painting)

Metzu, Gabriel 1615-1658
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 21
METZU (Gabriel.)--Born at Leyden in 1615; he died in 1658. He was a pupil of Gerard Dow and of Mieris. His works are of the highest order of merit, and very scarce, and, consequently, of high price. He surpassed his masters, and there is a remarkable difference in the touch and pencilling, which readily distinguishes the works of those painters from the labour of Metzu. He had generally much exactness in his drawing--such nature, truth of and delicacy in his design and pencil, that his pictures are in universal esteem. His subjects were usually from low life, but were designed after nature. He composed well, and finished with neatness. He bestowed much time on his pictures, which has occasioned their scarcity." No. 21.--A COTTAGE AND FIGURES.--This is an extraordinary fine specimen, and in a perfect state of preservation. The galleries of the Louvre and Munich do not possess a finer picture by this master. [P. 36.]
Catalogue of the Pictures forming the collection of the Works of the Old Masters, with a List of the Engravings now being exhibited at the Gallery of the Lyceum Building, No. 563 Broadway. Second Edition. 1849. New York: George F. Nesbitt, Stationer and Printer, corner of Wall and Water Streets. 1849.
Architecture exterior--Domestic--Cottage
Figure group
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AECI 01630022
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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