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Sunday Afternoon in Norway, (painting)

Hubner, C.
Exhibition Catalogs
Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 233 (Sale info: For Sale).
[See entry 01420233 for commentary accompanying this entry.] creatures from the artist's pencil. . . . The son, too, with his thoughtful, earnest, vigorous face, [is] subdued by the solemnity of the hour, . . . The mother's face is lit up with a holy joy; it is indeed the Word of God to her, . . . The father and grandfather, from whose rough, weather-beaten appearance we should judge them to be fishermen, manifest their interest in different ways--the former only in his reverent position and serious mien, the latter by the evident deep earnestness with which he drinks in every one of the blessed words. The rough room in which the family has assembled shows the lowliness of their position: every thing, however, is tidy and in holiday order, and wears an aspect of rest and quiet. . . . A deep truthfulness pervades this whole picture; . . . [P. 23.]
The Exhibition of Paintings of the International Art Institution, 694 Broadway, corner of Fourth Street. New-York: G.B. Teubner, Printer, 10 Spruce Street. 1860.
Artist address: Dusseldorf.
Control number:
AECI 01530233
Data Source:
Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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