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The Unicorn, (painting)

Kaufmann, Theo
Exhibition Catalogs
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The series begins with an introductory representation. It is the symbol of animality--the unicorn. Man, too, belongs to the animal world, until some natural phenomenon induces him to think, and to form an opinion about it. With the formation of the first opinion only, man, as a higher being, separates from animality. The first opinion is the first link in the immense chain of human creations. The discovery of the first opinion is the object of the first principal picture. This whole world of thought, then, which man has created and by which he has surrounded himself with the means of controlling the natural one, and making its forces move his machines, and convey his person, his thoughts, his words and his goods through the distances of space,--this whole world of thought, with all its creations, as forms of states, works of science and art, buildings, machines, and all the productions of industry,--is but the direct continuation of the world of matter whose creations we call men, animals, plants, minerals, &c.--This idea, however, is not yet familiar enough to the generality of men to allow me farther to follow it in the theme of my picture. . . . [Pp. 6-7.]
Explanation of Theo. Kaufmann's Great Pictures, illustrating the development of Religious Liberty. Mr. Kaufmann invites the attention of lovers of Art to the above Pictures, which form a series of eight principal, and nine minor Paintings. --They can be seen at his Studio from 9 to 12 o'clock every morning. Free of charge. New York: G.B. Teubner, Printer, 17 Ann Street, near Broadway. 1853.
Artist address: 442 Broadway, New York.
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AECI 06110001
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Pre-1877 Art Exhibition Catalogue Index

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