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Tabanus brevicallus Philip, 1959

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N. Marston
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1959. Fieldiana: Zoology. 33 (6): 576.
Surigao, Mindanao, Surigao del Norte, Philippines
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Description (holotype, female). Length, 12.5 mm. Eyes bare, green, unbanded (relaxed). Front parallel-sided, index 1:4.3, depressed at vertex, yellow pollinose with short black hairs; no median callus or line, the basal callosity small, subquadrate, dark brown, isolated both from eye margins and from the orange-yellow subcallus. Face and cheeks pale-gray pollinose and pilose with some buff tints next to the eyes. Two basal segments of antennae reddish, but little produced dorsally and with short black hairs (flagellums missing, but see description of male). Palpi pale yellow with mostly black hairs, swollen basally and tapered to a long point reaching nearly to tips of mouth stylets. Theca pale yellow, labella orange. Thorax and scutellum dark brown with indefinite reddish margins and mostly appressed brassy hairs. Pleura, chest, and coxae gray brown with whitish pile. Remainder of legs uniformly red, predominantly black haired with many yellow hairs on the hind femora. Wings pale yellow tinted, the costal cells and stigmas a little darker, but no accentuated apical shadows. Cell R6 wide open, no spur-veins. Subepaulets hairy apically, bare basally. Halteres orange. Abdomen elongate and but little tapered, tergite 7 unusually protuberant and wide; reddish yellow without pattern except for yellow median and lateral hair patches, and some yellow hairs on the incisures, remainder black haired. Venter orange, entirely yellow haired, except for dark brown hairs on sternite 7. Allotype (male): Length 9.5 mm In close agreement with the female except for the usual sexual differences. Head large, wider than thorax, eyes bare, enlarged facets reddish in little more than upper half, a narrow, occipital margin of black facets to the vertex, but no prominent upright hairs. Occipital notch with small, sunken, blackish tubercle. Frontal triangle orange pollinose. Flagellum red, with plate about twice longer than annuli, basal angle obtuse, and hardly excavated. Palpi predominantly white haired. Subovoid and blunt apically. Femora with more yellow hairs than in female and abdomen over-all more yellowish.
[Label H] HOLOTYPE TABANUS brevicallus #F DET. n.sp. C.B. PHILIP 1959; [Label 1] Tabanus flaviventris Surc. ? Big; [Label 2] CFBaker collection 1927; [Label 3] Surigao Mindanao Baker; [Label 4] 1925[?]
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17 Mar 2016
Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Diptera Tabanidae Tabaninae
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Tabanus brevicallus Philip, 1959
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Inquire SerNum : 53003
SELGEM Serial Number : A16207
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  • Tabanus brevicallus Philip, 1959