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Tabanus toumanoffi Philip, 1960

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Charles Wharton
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1960. Studies from the Institute for Medical Research, Federation of Malaya, Malaysian Parasites XXXV-XLIX. 29: 25.
50 km. W.S.W. Khong, Cambodia
Collection Date:
14 Jun 1952
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This is a rather small, yellow-brown species of the flexilis-group with contrasting gray scutellum, bifasciate wing, closed cell R5, narrow front, red antennae and blackish legs. The wing and body patterns are very similar to T. flexilis Walker of Celebes and T. vanderwulpi Osten Sacken of the Philippines; variations in coloration and closure of cell R5 of these are discussed elsewhere (philip, 1959). The present species is much smaller than either, has spur veins, and abdomen more reddish basally and less prominently banded. T. indonesiensis and T. granti from Cambodia (Toumanoff, 1950) are also obvious relatives. While the former has similar body colors, and short spur veins, it differs in the apical band filling the marginal cells to the hind margin and the first basal cell completely fumose. T. granti is larger, has dark, unbanded abdomen, and no conspicuous inner band at apices of basal cells.Description (holotype female). - Length 14 nun. Eyes (relaxed) uniformly greenish. Frons buff-gray pollinose, nearly parallel-sided, index 1:7.5; the callosity black, keel-like, but little expanded below and not touching eyes, but extended to upper third of frons. Face and cheeks pale buff pollinose and pilose. Antennae red, sparse, black hairs basally, plate longer than-black style, the tooth low, rectangulate. Palpi flesh-pink, somewhat swollen basally, pointed apically, with yellow and a few black hairs. Thorax gray-brown, the scutellum and pleura constrasting dirty-whitish with pale yellow hairs; notal hairs sparse, yellow and black intermixed. Legs black, with brown shades on tibiae, mostly black-haired with some pale hairs at the bases of femora. Wings with a rather narrow, inner band across the apices of the basal cubital and anal cells, and a wider outer one which leaves apex in most of cell R4 and the hind margin clear. Abdomen orange-reddish basally, darkening caudally with prominent, pale yellow incisures from segment 3 on, golden yellow haired laterally, on tergal incisures, and on entire venter; sparsely black-haired elsewhere
[Label H] TABANUS toumanoffi #F n.sp. DET. C.B.PHILIP 1959 HOLOTYPE; [Label 1] 50km WSW Khong Cam-bodia VI-14-52 53-2059CWharton
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17 Mar 2016
Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Diptera Tabanidae Tabaninae
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Tabanus toumanoffi Philip, 1960
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Inquire SerNum : 51029
SELGEM Serial Number : A8091
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  • Tabanus toumanoffi Philip, 1960
  • Tabanus toumanoffi Philip, 1960