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Tabanus (Lophotabanus) tardinotus Bequaert, 1940

view Tabanus (Lophotabanus) tardinotus Bequaert, 1940 digital asset number 1
W. G. Lynn
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Revista de Entomologia. 11: 316.
Clydesdale, Jamaica
Collection Date:
7 Jul 1936
Specimen Count:
Large, yellowish-russet, with a conspicuous velvety-black spot over prescutellar callus and part of scuteIlum; (abdominal markings?); wing moderately infuscate, with a yellowish tinge, clearer in center of cells, faintly spotted at cross-veins and fork of third vein (more strongly in male); antennae; palpi and legs yellowish-russet. Female. - Length 13 mm. (probably shrunken); of wing, 14 mm. Head yellowish-russet, covered with russet pollinosity (also on subcallus); hairs mostly rubbed off, those remaining on the beard pale russet. Frons (Fig. 12A) about eight times as long as wide at subcallus, mostly with subparallel sides, slightly widened near vertex; basal callus honey-yellow, rectangular with jagged upper ledge, higher than wide, distinctly separated from the eyes, not continued above ; middle of frons with a short, raised ridge. Terminal segment of palp (Fig 12C) dirty yellowish, long, gradually tapering, slightly swollen at base, with a mixture of blalck and yellowish hairs. Antenna (Fig. 12B) long, entirely pale yellowish-russet; first segment distinctly swollen apically, not longer than wide at tip, bluntly rounded at apex, with yellow and a few black hairs; second segment short, with a short finger-shaped upper tip, with yellowish and black hairs; third segment slender, crescent-shaped, basal portion nearly twice as long as greatest width, basal third raised into a broad, blunt, triangular tooth, bearing a few short black hairs; four terminal annuli, nearly as long as basal portion. Eyes bare. Thorax reddish-brown, much rubbed; few remaining hairs black dorsally, pale yellowish ventrally; no markings visible; a partly preserved stripe of black hairs on antealar callus; remnants of black hairs on prescutellar callus and over most of scutellum; prescutellar tufts of white hairs small, but distinct. Abdomen uniformly yellowish-red, apparently without markings, but much rubbed; few remaining hairs black mixed with yellow dorsally, yellowish ventralIy. Legs, including coxae, pale yellowish-russet, scarcely lighter at base of tibiae, covered mostly with yellowish hairs; outer edge of hind tibiae with a loose fringe pf black and yellowish hairs. Wing moderately, but fairly uniformly infuscate, with a yellowish tinge, slightly clearer in center of cells, faintly spotted at cross-veins and at fork of third longitudinal; stigma narrow, diffuse honey-yellow; all posterior cells broadly open; no appendix at fork of third longitudinal; costa, subcosta, and subepaulet with black macrotrichia
[Label H] Tabanus tardinotus #F JBeq. holotype;[Label 1] Clydesdale Jamaica 7.7.36 W.G.Lynn.
Record Last Modified:
17 Mar 2016
Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Diptera Tabanidae Tabaninae
Published Name:
Tabanus (Lophotabanus) tardinotus Bequaert, 1940
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Inquire SerNum : 51053
SELGEM Serial Number : A8115
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  • Tabanus (Lophotabanus) tardinotus Bequaert, 1940
  • Tabanus (Lophotabanus) tardinotus Bequaert, 1940