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Haematopota biorbis Stone & Philip, 1974

view Haematopota biorbis Stone & Philip, 1974 digital asset number 1
M. P. Poilane
Prep Count:
Type Status:
Type Citation:
Stone, A. & Philip, C. B. 1974. U.S. Dept. Agric. Tech. Bull. 1489: 61, Figs. 5, 126.
Trang bom; 30 mi nw. of Saigon, [Not Stated], Vietnam
Collection Date:
14 Jul 1932
Specimen Count:
Haematopota biorbilJ, new species (Figs. 5, 126) Holotype, female, Vietnam, Trang Born, 31 miles northwest of Saigon, July 14, 1932, M. Poilane (USNM No. 72018). Paratypes: VIETNAM: 2 #F, same data as holotype; 1 #F,same but August 5; 2 #F, Trang Born Arboretum, August 12 and 18, 1932 (all Poilane); THAILAND: 1 #F,no further data, C. F. Harley; 4 #F, Kok Chang Trad, July 31, 1929; Kuh Lehang Is., August 1, 1927; 1 #F, Koh Chang Is., August 1 and 2, 1929 (all W. R. S. Ladell); 3 #F, N akhon Ratchasima Province, Pok Chang District, Mu Si Canton, Klong Yai, June 24, July 21, September 5, 1969 (all G. R. Ballmer); CAMBODIA: 1 #F, no further locality, June 1909, J. Surcouf. (BM, CBP, MNHP, USNM) Female.-Length 8-9.5 nun; wing 7.5-9.5 mm; antenna 1.6-2 mm. Frons about twice as high as width at vertex, wider below, yellowish gray, with triangular patch of dark hairs at vertex; no midfrontal or paired spots; callus large, shiny, protuberant, occupying about lower two-fifths of frons, broadly touching eyes, upper margin a pointed arch, lower margin straight; pair of shiny yellowish triangles from lower margin with black interantennal spot between; face and parafacials entirely gray, upper parafacial tinged with yellowish; beard yellowish. Antenna orange yellow; scape cylindrical, about twice as long as thick, with dark brown to black hair; pedicel short and and stout with no dorsal projection; flagellum very slender, ratio of scape to first flagellomere about 3:4. Palpus yellowish orange with mostly black hair. Notum dark brown with three grayish-yellow stripes; sublateral stripe from humerus to above wing base, tapering posteriorly; middorsal stripe from anterior margin to apex of scutellum, broad, but tapered anteriorly; pleuron yellowish brown. Wing brown with yellowish pattern consisting of small triangles in wing margin and series of small submarginal spots in posterior cells, and two connected rings in distal half of wing; base of first posterior cell and center of discal cell mostly pale; subapical band consisting of long anterior and small posterior spot, or latter missing. Halter knob clear yellow. Legs almost uniformly pale yellow except for fore tibia, which is white except for small dark band at apex, very faint white band at base of hind tibia, and slightly darkened tarsi. Dorsum of abdomen dark brown except for paler incisures, narrow tapered triangle on tergum II and sides of this tergum; venter mostly pale yellowish brown, slightly darkened posteromedially.
[Label H] Paratype [Paratype has been scratched out in pencil] Holotype USNM No.; [Label 1] Haematopota biorbis Stone + Philip; [Label 2] M Poilane Coll VII.14.32; [Label 3] TrangBom,30mi NW of Saigon CochinChina
Record Last Modified:
16 Mar 2016
Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Diptera Tabanidae Tabaninae
Published Name:
Haematopota biorbis Stone & Philip, 1974
Other Numbers:
Inquire SerNum : 48588
USNM Type Number : 72018
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NMNH - Entomology Dept.
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  • Haematopota biorbis Stone & Philip, 1974
  • Haematopota biorbis Stone & Philip, 1974