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basketry, fabric (multcolor - orange, red, green, blue, black)
The art of sewing (weaving) baskets has been passed down through the generations among residents of Red Bays, a small settlement in northern Andros Island. The majority of Red Bay's inhabitants are descendants of the Black Seminoles of Florida, who first landed in Andros Island in 1821 after escaping slavery in the United States. They brought a rich African, Native American, and Spanish infused culture with them to Red Bay, including the art of basket weaving. Red Bay Black Seminole baskets are crafted from the top stems of palm thatch plants. The "top" is dried, stripped and then sewn into beautiful, sturdy baskets that have many uses. These uniquely styled baskets are crafted nowhere else in the Bahamas and are a part of the rich cultural legacy of the Black Seminoles of Red Bays. This basket incorporates batik fabric into its design.
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The Dr. Rosalyn Howard Collection, Anacostia Community Museum, Smithsonian Institution, gift of Dr. Rosalyn Howard
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