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Graduation Hood

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cloth, velvet, satin
mid 20th Century
This is a doctoral hood with Peacock Blue trim. There is speculation as to the age, purpose, and meaning inherent in the style of this hood, as well as the location or existence of its accompanying robes. If the color of the velvet trim is viewed as being Peacock Blue it would represent a degree in the fields of Public Administration, Public Policy, or Foreign Service. Since Turner did not hold any degree in these fields, perhaps it represents an as-yet-undetermined honorary degree bestowed upon Turner. The frayed and worn state of this hood perhaps indicates a much older article of clothing than the complete graduation regalia of 2003.0032.370; considered from this perspective, the lighter shade of blue of the trim perhaps indicates simply a faded shade of Dark Blue, or a different dye lot and construction that proved unstable over time. What can be determined with certainty is that this is a doctoral hood, according to the traditional academic codes that dictate the style and adornment of such regalia.
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