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Brazillian Woman's Skirt with Two White Slips

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Red skirt (2003.0032.0373a) and 2 white slips (2003.0032.0373b & c). These items are elements of traditional Bahia folkloric costume, which are closely entwined with the condomble culture and religion. The colors and adornment may be representative of homage to one of the condomble orisha, or of one of the many festivals honoring them. Not much can be learned about the actual fabrication of these garments, though it is known that each Bahia costume would have been custom-made for a particular wearer. The clothing appears to have been machine made, but with still a great deal of handwork, as evidenced by the lace decoration on each of the slips. It cannot be determined with any certainty the type of top that would have been worn with this skirt, nor what-or if any-sash would have been draped around the wearer's waist.
Dr. Turner most likely acquired these garments when he was in Bahia in the early 1940s studying condomble culture.
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