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Plummer Family Diary

Adam Francis Plummer
Emily Saunders Arnold Plummer
Nellie Arnold Plummer
A diary is a written record of experiences and observations that are usually personal in nature. Diaries, like the one written by Adam Francis Plummer and continued by Nellie Arnold Plummer, are important documents that help us understand the past. Because they are written in the first person voice, diaries are able to tell us about the everyday lives of their authors and they things that they believed were important. Diaries teach us about the struggles, accomplishments, values, beliefs, and dreams of their authors. They allow us to look at moments in time through the eyes of the people whose experiences helped shape the past, our present, and the future.
Most of the entries in the Diary of Adam Francis Plummer are of dates of events, such as births and deaths, or inventories, like Adam's possessions. The inventories often include the prices he paid for the items listed. These entries help us understand the conditions in which the author lived and tell us about the people and things he valued. Also included in the Diary are numerous attachments; the Diary includes many clippings from newspapers of obituaries and community events. The attachments in the Diary are similar to those one would find in a family scrapbook.
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Gift of the Descendants of Adam and Emily Plummer.
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