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Pieced Quilt

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Gary, Kissie
Embroidered silk.
Nineteenth Century
Silk quilt with embroidery pieced together from scraps of material imported form Europe to make fancy dresses, circa 1855. This quilt, which even then was admired as something special, was always displayed draped over the back of a sofa in the big house on the Owen Plantation.
When the Union army came through the area, soldiers confiscated most of the food and valuables despite the mistress burying everything in an attempt to conceal them. The incident and devastation of the plantation disturbed and distracted the mistress, who no longer paid attention to the things going on around her in the big house and on the plantation. The slaves, including Kissie (age 8), began to leave in the wake of the Union army. Kissie took the quilt with her because it was beautiful, so much work had gone into it, and it served as a reminder of her birthplace.
Kissie Gary was a slave on the Owen Plantation in Columbia, South Carolina. The Saludi River, located North of Columbia, South Carolina is where the plantation was located.
Quilt is from the late 19th century, based on materials and style of embroidery.
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