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Selected art related letters from Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Society Collection, 1760-1935

Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Abbey, Edwin Austin
Abbey, Mary Gertrude
Alexander, Archibald
Allston, Washington
Bayley, Frank W.
Beale, Pennel
Belcher, Wm. (William)
Bierstadt, Albert
Burrell, B.
Carey, Edward L.
Carey, Henry Charles
Catlin, George
Ceracchi, Giuseppe
Chapman, J. G. (John Gadsby)
Cheney, John
Claypoole, James
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Cox, James
Darley, Felix Octavius Carr
Delaplaine, Joseph
Dickinson, John
Dillwyn, William
Donnehue, Humphrey
Du Simitière, Pierre Eugène
Duane, William J. (William John),
Dunlap, William
Eliot, S.
Elliott, James B.
Elwyn, Langdon
Fielding, Mantle
Francis, John W. (John Wakefield),
Gibson, Charles Dana
Gillingham, Harrold E. (Harrold Edgar),
Greenough, Horatio
Harding, George
Hayes, Charles P.
Hollingsworth, Levi
Hosack, David
Hunt, William Morris
Huntington, Daniel
Inman, Henry
Jackson, William
Jones, Horatio Gates
Jordan, John W. (John Woolf),
Kimball, Henry H. (Henry Hastings),
Lambdin, James Reid
Leidy, Joseph
Leland, Charles Godfrey
Lippincott, J. B. (Joshua Ballinger),
Livermore, George
Low, Will Hicok
Madison, James
Marchant, Edward Dalton
Martin, John Hill
McAllister, John A.
McMurtrie, James
Monaghan, James
Montgomery, John C.
Moody, William H. (William Henry),
Murray, J.
Myers, Albert Cook
Nathans, Isabella
Nathans, Rebecca
Neagle, John
Newsam, Albert
Ogden, C. S.
Otis, Bass
Paca, John
Paine, Thomas
Peale, Charles Willson
Peale, Franklin
Peale, James
Peale, Mary Jane
Peale, Rembrandt
Peale, Titian Ramsay
Pennell, Joseph
Penrose, Clement B. (Clement Biddle),
Piggot, Robert
Randolph, Benjamin
Read, Thomas Buchanan
Richards, William Trost
Rittenhouse, David
Rosenthal, Albert
Rossiter, Thomas Prichard
Rothermel, Peter Frederick
Rush, William
Saint-Mémin, Charles Balthazar Julien Fevret de
Sartain, John W.
Schoff, Stephen Alonzo
Schreiner, Jacob
Shrigley, James
Smith, Russell
Snowden, James Ross
Snyder, W. D.
Stanbridge, J. C.
Stephens, Charles H.
Stone, Frederick D. (Frederick Dawson),
Stuart, Gilbert
Sully, Thomas
Syng, Philip
Taylor, Frank H. (Frank Hamilton),
Troth, Henry
Trumbull, John
Vanderlyn, John
Ward, Townsend
Wells, William Hill
Wharton, Geo. M. (George Mifflin),
Wharton, Thomas Kelah
Williams, Henry
Willis, Nathaniel Parker
Wilson, Alexander
Woodside, John Archibald
Wright, Patience Lovell
Wylie, Samuel B. (Samuel Brown),
Carey & Hart
Peale's Museum (Philadelphia, Pa.)
Place of publication, production, or execution:
Physical Description:
ca. 150 items (on 2 partial microfilm reels)
Access Note / Rights:
The Archives of American art does not own the original papers. Use is limited to the microfilm copy.
Letters, mainly from artists, and documents selected from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's miscellaneous manuscript collection (Society Collection). Letters are to various people; 46 of them are to Townsend Ward and a few are to John A. McAllister, photographer. Many of the letters refer to paintings, portraits, commissions, and awards. Writers of letters include: Edwin Austin Abbey, Mary Gertrude Abbey, F.W. Bayley, Albert Bierstadt, George Catlin, Joseph Ceracchi, John Gadsby Chapman, John Cheney, James Claypool, James Cox, F.O.C. Darley, Joseph Delaplaine, Humphrey Donnehue, William Dunlap, Pierre Eugene Du Simitiere, S. Eliot, Charles Fevret De Saint-Memin, Charles Dana Gibson, Harold Edgar Gillingham, Horatio Greenough, George Harding, Levi Hollingsworth, William Morris Hunt, Daniel Huntington, Henry Inman, Horatio Gates Jones, James Reid Lambdin, Will Hicok Low, Edward Dalton Marchant, William Henry Moody, John Neagle, Albert Newsam, Bass Otis, Thomas Paine, Charles Willson Peale, Franklin Peale, James Peale, Jr., Mary Jane Peale, Rembrandt Peale, Titian Ramsay Peale, Joseph Pennell, Clement Penrose, Robert Piggot, Thomas Buchanan Read, William Trost Richards, Thomas Prichard Rossiter, Peter Frederick Rothermel, William Rush, John Sartain, Stephen Alonzo Schooff (to Townsend Ward), Russell Smith, Charles H. Stephens, Thomas Sully, Philip Syng, John Vanderlyn, N.P. Willis, Alexander Wilson and Patience Wright. Among the recipients of letters are Archibald Alexander, David S. Brown, William Belcher, Col. Brodhead, B. Burrell, Carey & Hart, Edward L. Carey, Henry C. Carey, Miss Clarke, Mr. Curren, Joseph Delaplaine, John Dickinson, Dr. Dickson, William Dillwyn, William Duane, James B. Elliott, Mrs. Langdon Elwyn, Mantle(?) Fielding, John W. Francis, Charles P. Hayes, David Hosack, Mr. Howell, Major William Jackson, Horatio Gates Jones, John W. Jordan, H.H. Kjmball, C.G. Leland, Joseph Leidy, J.B. Lippincott, George Livermore, James Madison, J. Hill Martin, John McAllister, James McMurtrie, James Monaghan, J. Murray, Albert Cook Myers, Rebecca and Isabella Nathans, John Neagle, C.S. Ogden, John Paca, Charles Willson Peale, Rembrandt Peale, David Rittenhouse, Albert Rosenthal, John Sartain, Jacob Schreiner, James Shrigley, James Ross Snowden, W.D. Snyder, Dr. Sommerville, J.C. Stanbridge, F.D. Stone, Henry Troth, Mr. Vaux, Townsend Ward, William Hill Wells, G.M. Wharton, Thomas Wharton, Henry J. Williams, and Samuel B. Wylie. Other items include a sonnet of S.T. Coleridge by Washington Allston; business card of Pennel Beale; catalog of medals and coins of silver in the possession of Hon. John Smith compiled by Du Simitière, 1772; printed address by Mrs. John C. Montgomery soliciting donations for the repair of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, destroyed by fire, 1845; William Morris Hunt's admission ticket to Peale's Museum, 1836, stating his height and weight; description of objects on display at the Peale Museum, 1820; a photograph and business card of Benjamin Randolph; invitations and notes to Gilbert Stuart; typescript by Frank H. Taylor on lithography, 1923; subscription book for engravings of paintings by John Trumbull; and a page from John Archibald Woodside's daybook, 1802-1803.
Selected art related letters from Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Society Collection, 1760-1935. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
Additional Forms:
Microfilm reels P23 (fr. 513-705) & P24 (fr. 1-3) available for use at Archives of American Art offices and through interlibrary loan.
Location of Originals:
Originals in Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Society Collection.
Microfilmed by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania for the Archives of American Art, 1955.
Location Note:
Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, 750 9th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20001
Art, American
Art, Modern
Art, Modern
Record number:
Lives of American Artists
Data Source:
Archives of American Art

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  • Abbey, Mary Gertrude
  • Alexander, Archibald
  • Allston, Washington
  • Bayley, Frank W.
  • Beale, Pennel
  • Belcher, Wm. (William)
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  • Abbey, Edwin Austin
  • Abbey, Mary Gertrude
  • Alexander, Archibald
  • Allston, Washington
  • Bayley, Frank W.
  • Beale, Pennel
  • Belcher, Wm. (William)
  • Bierstadt, Albert
  • Brodhead
  • Burrell, B.
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