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Arwin Galleries records, 1948-1981

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Arwin Galleries (Detroit, Mich.)
Saunders, Marlis
Dyk, Dick Van
Werwiter, Derek
Parker, Robert Andrew
Rauzy, Renée
Howell, Frank
Jerzy, Richard E.
Bryson, Bernarda
Cattell, Ray
Snyder, Donald F.
McChesney, Clifton
Tammany, David
Kallem, Herbert
Chobanian, Mihran
Shahn, Ben
Tillery, Lynn
Simper, Fred
Kasprowicz, Ed
Rodo Boulanger, Graciela
Golden, Libby
Kearney, John
Butkin, John
Rouzaud, Jean
Offner, Elliot
Pramuk, Edward Richard
Wyse, Alex
Lewis, William A.
Chi, Chuang
Gould, John Howard
Loomis-Vansen, Leslie
Cohn, Max Arthur
Mintz, Harry
Cavat, Irma
Bostick, William A.
Kaiman, Charles
Letendre, Rita
Elman, Ray
Ginsburg, Max
Stanford, Nancy S.
Iktin, Colette Perazio
Rymph, Stephen
Weddige, Emil
Cibere, Joseph
Florsheim, Richard A.
Kozlow, Richard M.
Berg, Irving
Snyder, Jo
Kashdan, Deborah
Leepa, Allen
Schwartz, Leonard
Guild, Ken
Seawell, Tom
Rizk, Romanos
Arwin, Kathleen G.
Glassgold, Harry
Taylor, Ann
Arwin, Lester B.
Ross, John
Yunkers, Adja
Keidan, Barbara
Kahn, Max
Sharp, David
Eloul, Kosso
Altman, Harold
Poleskie, Stephen Francis
Pepitone, Richard
Van Haren, John
Smith, Alden
Thayer, Russel
Pinto, James
Brun, Thomas
McClure, Thomas F. (Thomas Fulton)
Fairfield, Richard Thomas
Treaster, Richard
Plotkin, Linda
Demariais, Joseph
Pappas, John L.
Copeland, Lila
Romano, Clare
Taylor, Cledie
Tabuena, Romeo
Noyer, Albert
Bertoia, Harry
De Ruth, Jan
Wilson, Sol
Jones, W. Louis
Redstone, Louis G.
Figiel, Leo
Zelman, David
Place of publication, production, or execution:
Physical Description:
9.3 linear ft.
Access Note / Rights:
Use of original papers requires an appointment and is limited to the Archives' Washington, D.C., Research Center. Contact Reference Services for more information.
The records of the Arwin Galleries consist primarily of artists' files (6 ft.), subject files (1 ft.), as well as general correspondence, photographs, various art work, motion picture film, printed material, and some scattered financial and other business records.
Artists' files, 1948-1981 contain correspondence, photographs, art work, printed material, writings and business records on 86 artists, including Harold Altman, Irving Berg, Harry Bertoia, William Bostick, Graciela Rodo Boulanger, Thomas Brun, John Butkin, Ray Cattell, Irma Cavat, Chuang Chi, Mihran Chobanian, Joseph Cibere, Max Arthur Cohn, Lila Copeland, Joseph Demariais, Jan De Ruth, Dick Van Dyk, Ray Elman, Kosso Eloul, Richard Fairfield, Leo Figiel, Richard Florsheim, Max Ginsburg, Harry Glassgold, Libby Golden, John Gould, Ken Guild, Frank Howell, Colette P. Iktin, Richard Jerzy, W. Louis Jones, Max Kahn, Charles Kaiman, Herbert Kallem, Deborah Kashdan, Ed Kasprowicz, John Kearney, Barbara Keidan, Richard Kozlow,
Allen Leepa, Rita Letendre, William Lewis, Leslie Loomis-Vansen, Clifton McChesney, Thomas McClure, Harry Mintz, Albert Noyer, Elliot Offner, John Pappas, Robert Parker, Richard Pepitone, James Pinto, Linda Plotkin, Steve Poleskie, Edward Pramuk, Renée Rauzy, Louis Redstone, Romanos Rizk, Clare Romano, John Ross, Jean Rouzaud, Stephen Rymph, Marlis Saunders, Leonard Schwartz, Tom Seawell, Ben and Bernarda Bryson Shahn, David Sharp, Fred Simper, Don Snyder, Jo Snyder, Nancy S. Stanford, Romeo Tabuena, David Tammany, Ann Taylor, Cledie Taylor, Russel Thayer, Lynn Tillery, Richard Treaster, John Van Haren, Emil Weddige, Derek Werwiter, Sol Wilson, Alex Wyse, Adja Yunkers, and David Zelman.
Subject files, 1963-1981, are on galleries, cities, styles of art, organizations and other topics.
Correspondence consists of Lester Arwin's personal correspondence, 1959-1980, and business correspondence, 1958-1981. Art works include greeting cards, paintings, sketches and prints. One reel of motion picture film and two reels of photonegatives are of the 1963 gallery fire. Photographs and slides are of Lester and Kathleen Arwin, their family and friends, gallery installations and openings, art works by Irma Cavat, John Kearney and others, and portraits of artists, including Ben Shahn and Richard Kozlow. Printed material, 1956-1980, consists of clippings, exhibition announcements and a sample book of prints CE CARACATURE NOEL, 1956.
Also found are notes for speeches by Lester Arwin; news releases; business and financial records, 1960-1981, regarding appraisals, framers, graphics companies, insurance, loans and sales, and including a ledger and an inventory made after the 1963 fire.
Arwin Galleries records, 1948-1981. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
Biography Note:
Art gallery; Detroit, Mich. Founded in 1963 by Lester and Kathleen Arwin. Specialized in contemporary art. Closed in 1981.
Donated 1981 and 1984 by Melanie Arwin, the daughter of Lester and Kathleen Arwin.
Location Note:
Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, 750 9th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20001
Works of art
Slides (photographs)
Art galleries, Commercial
Art, Modern
Motion pictures (visual works)
Greeting cards
Gallery records
Record number:
The Art Market
Lives of American Artists
Art Gallery Records
Data Source:
Archives of American Art

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  • Bostick, William A.
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