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Proceedings of the XIXth International Symposium, CIPA 2003 : new perspectives to save cultural heritage : Antalya (Turkey), 30 September-04 October 2003 / editor-in-chief, M. Orhan Altan

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Physical description:
784 p. : ill., maps ; 30 cm
At head of title: CIPA--Cultural Heritage, the ICOMOS & ISPRS Committee for Documentation of Cultural Heritage.
Keynote speech : ISPRIS / Karl Kraus -- Requirements in an inventory on cultural heritage in Morocco and reflections on the presentation of the information / O. Kölb, M. Boussahl, H. Hostettler -- Digital database of the cultural heritage of Trabzon / A. Surul, H. Ozen, M. Tutkun -- The "Cappadocia Academy" : a project on documentation, planning and development in Göreme, Anatolia / A. Emge -- Temporal GIS for analysis and visualization of cultural heritage / K. Hosse, M. Schilcher -- Integration of close range photogrammetric surveys in the process of doing architectural projects / E. Alby, P. Grussenmeyer, J.P. Perrin -- Optical carrier for long term digital information storage / V.V. Petrov, A.A. Kryuchyn, S.M. Shanoylo -- Re-sequencing a historical palm leaf manuscript with boundary-based shape descriptors / D. Akca, A. Gruen -- Documentation of cultural heritage by using digital close range photogrammetry / N. Yastlkli, Z. Alkiş -- Problems in management of urban site conversation in Turkey : a case study in Antakya / O. Basagac, E. Köşkeroglu, N.Ş. Güçhan -- The future of the past : The European historic inner city : faded glory or core business? / W. van der Toorn Vrijthoff -- Recording the cultural heritages of Sarno and Fiji Islands / U. Herbig, G. Zöhrer, F. Zamolyi -- E- heritage : the future for integrated applications cultural heritage / J. A. Cannataci, R. Rivenc, N. P. Zammit, C. Borg, G. Guidi, G. A. Beraldin -- Automated extraction of profiles from 3D-models of archaeological fragments / H. Mara, M. Kampel -- Volumetric reconstruction of cultural heritage artifacts / Y. Kuzu, O. Sinram -- Scanning options and choices in digitizing maps / M. Daniil, V. Tsioukas, K. Papadopoulos, E. Livieratos -- Comparison of photogrammetric and computer vision techniques : the reconstruction and visualization of a large architectural object / H. Mayer, M. Mosch, J. Peipe -- Restoration of Suffolk House, Penang, Malaysia / S.N. Harun, A. Ghafar -- A new Internet based communication framework for the CIPA community / C. Lichtenbuerg, G. Pomaska -- Large scale monument database design / A. Georgopoulos, Ch. Ioannidis, G.N. Makris, M. Karkanis, Ch. Iliopoulou -- Laser scanning as a tool for archaeological reconstitution : a Gallo-Roman temple in Naix-aux-Forges, France / D. Bur, C-P. Perrin, A. Fuchs, V. Germonprez -- Cultural heritage preservation using Internet-enabled GIS / Z. Duran, A. Garagon Dogru , G. Toz -- Photopa : database of small Czech historical monuments / K. Pavelka, R. Chromy, P. Soucek -- Advanced GIS technologies to support the georeferencing of cultural heritage / R. Brumana, C. Achille -- Building 3d photo-texture model integrated with GIS for architectural heritage conservation / F. Karsli, E. Ayhan, E. Tunc -- Multimedia supported GIS on Internet : case study : two Ottoman fortresses and a cemetery on the Dardanelles / C. Guney, M. Duman, K. Uylu, A. Avci, R.N. Celik -- An immovable historical asset information system design and application : a case study of Trabzon / S. Reis, R. Nisanci, V. Yildirim, H.I. Inan, T. Yomralioglu -- Design of tourist information system (TIS) and integration with panoramic imaging / O. Akcay, M.O. Altan -- A preliminary application and proposal for cultural heritage network of western Anatolia by using remote sensing and geographic information system / M. Aitan, T. Sivas, F. Alanyali, F. Gökce, C. Ayday -- Geoinformation system the protection of Russian historical cultural heritage on the example of Sverdlovks Oblast / Z.V. Pushchina, U.P. Litvinenko -- A new concept : the solid image / L. Bornaz, S. Dequal -- Data structures for 3D modelling of heritage sites in Africa : a case study in the world heritage site of Kilwa Kisiwane, Tanzania / H. Rather, G. Mtalo, E. Mngumi -- Valuation of orthorectification by use of photomodeler software / H. Erwes, W. da Silva Prado, A. e Silva, D. De Melo -- Usability and potential use of the high resolution digital camera in the determination of 3D digital model / L. Fregonese -- 3D model generation and visualization of cultural heritage / N. Yastikli, O. Emem, Z. Alkiş -- Integration of close range photogrammetry and topographic measurements to get the tridimensional model of complex sculpture / M. Martin, F.J. Iglesias, H. Rodrigo, S. Hernández -- Inexpensive and robust 3D model acquisition system for three-dimensional modeling of small artifacts / U Yilmaz, O. Özün, B. Otlu, A. Mulayim, V. Atalay -- A new approach for 3D models transmission / A. Guarnieri, F. Pirotti, M. Pontin, A. Vettore -- Remote sensing object-oriented image analysis applied to half timbered houses / T. Neusch, P. Grussenmeyer -- Protecting cultural important writings with new methods in reproduction and electronic publishing / M. Jobst -- Introduction to SVG as a data interchange format for architectural documentations / G. Pomaska -- Discussion of two photogrammetric techniques combined for documentation of Defensionskaserne In Minden with reference to architectural heritage conservation / M. Hamamcioğlu Turan -- Close range orthoimage using a low cost digital camcorder / E. Tsiligiris, M. Papakosta, C. Ioannidis, A. Georgopoulos -- The restoration of Beaufort Castle (South-Lebanon) : a 3D restitution according to historical documentation / P. Grussenmeyer, J. Yasmine -- Camera calibration approaches using single images of man-made objects / L. Grammatikopoulos, G.E. Karras, E. Petsa -- Lens distortian simulation : an application for understanding geometric distortion / J. Gomez Lahoz, O. Cuadrado Mendez, J. Martinez Rubio -- Measuring archaeological sites using Eagle-s Eye / D. Skarlatos, S. Theodoridou, E. Karalis, K. Tokmakidis -- The survey of the Temple of Augustus and Goddess Roma in Ankara / P. Botteri, G. Fangi, E. S. Malinverni, B. Pinna Caboni -- Photogrammetric recording and evaluation of the market gate of Milet for architectural heritage conservation / T. Vogtle, K. Ringle, M. Mutto, H.P. Bahr, M. Pfanner, F. Zens, M. Maischberger -- Rehabilitation of the Tunku Canselor Hall, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / M. A. Zuraini -- Orthoimage processing in archeology : the site of Colonia Clunia Sulpicia (Peñalba De Castro, Burgos, Spain) / G. Gillani, M. Rogerro -- Our natural and cultural heritage : transformations, collections, creative processes / E. Csaplovics, A.K. Saha, U. Herbig, B. Atalar, F. Biney, L. Cabangbang, C. Diekmann, G.A. Esquivel, K. Kosc, J.C. Montoya, M. Oven, M. Shimizu, M. Vanek, A. Seppi, A. Guhlmann -- Photogrammetric studies on stoa in ancient city of Knidos (Datca-Mugla) / F. Yildiz, H. Karabörk, M. Yakar, L. Alp, H.M. Yilmaz -- Evaluation of a theatre by using low-altitude aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry / T.M. Çelikoyan, M.O. Altan, G. Kemper, G. Toz -- Calibrating and using an Olympus camera for balloon photogrammetry / T.M. Çelikoyan, M.O. Altan, G. Kemper, G. Toz -- Archeological park design in the vicinity of Zeugma and applicable remote sensing and photogrammetry methods / Ü. Başaran, A. Yildirim, D.Z. Şeker -- Contribution of geophysical measurements for survey and protection of hillforts / R. Krivanek -- Geophysical prospection in South Abusir, Egypt, 2002 / R. Krivanek, M. Barta -- Geophysical examination of the Christian archaeological site Emmaus-Nicopolis (central Israel) / L.V. Eppelbaum, S.E. Itkis -- The geophysical study of buried archaeological remains and the preservation of the architectural patrimony of Mexico City / L. Barba -- Semi-automatic camera calibration and image orientation using the CIPA reference data set / F. Van Den Heuvel -- The Agora of Izmir and cultural tourism / E. Akyuz Levi -- The contribution of modern geometric recording and visualization methods in the implementation of a new museum concept / C. Ioannidis, C. Potsiou, S. Soile, M. Xipnitou -- An experiment on a system for selecting the method of architectural recording / C. Binan -- An appraisal of the utilization of GIS in an urban conservation project in Antakya / N. Nayci, A.G. Bilgin Altinöz, S. Guchan -- FREAK : consistent surveying and documentation systems as a planning basis for large-scale historic buildings / D. Donath, F. Petzold, T. Thurow, U. Weferling -- Computer reconstruction and modeling of the Great Buddha of Bamiyan, Afghanistan / A. Gruen, F. Remondino, L. Zhang -- Geomatic applications in archaeological research : the Middle Age in the Valle Po landscape / P. Ardissone, F. Rinaudo -- Digital recording of stratigraphic excavations / M. Doneus, w. Neubauer, N. Studnicka -- Replication of marble exhibits using single camera photogrammetry and laser scanning (or how to forge exhibits) / D. Skarlatos, S. Theodoridou, D. Hennings, S. Ville -- Fast on-site reconstruction and visualization of archaelogieal finds / K. Schindler, M. Grabner, F. Leber -- Digital surface models For architectural heritage analysis : the surveying of the aqueduct of "Los Milagros" in Merida, Spain / J.J. Fernández Martin, J. Martínez Rubio, J. San José Alonso -- Documentation of German Emperor Maximilian I.'s tomb / W. Boehler, M. Bordas Vicent, K. Hanke, A. Marbs --
Tacheometry in combination with building-element oriented CAAD-systems : the integration of high-precision plan, simple 3D-model and supplementary building information in a single system / D. Donath, U. Weferling -- 3D laserscanning for engineering and architectural heritage conservation / M. Mettenleiter, F. Härtl, I. Heinz, B. Neumann, A. Hildebrandt, T. Abmayr, C. Fröhlich -- Object segmentation in cultural heritage / L. Bornaz, F. Rinaudo, M. Roggero -- Determination of old and new deformations at Kücük Aya Sofia (Little Hagia Sofia) Mosque in Istanbul by photogrammetric methods and an attempt of their interpretation / A. Alkiş, E.G. Arun, H. Demirel, R.D. Dueppe, C. Gerstenecker, M. Hovenbitzer -- Wholly documenting holy monuments / D. Balodimos, G. Lavvas, A. Georgopoulos -- Documentation of Stone Age artifacts / w. Boehler, K. Boehm, G. Heinz, A. Justus, Ch. Schwarz, M. Siebold -- Merging and processing of laser scan data and high-resolution digital image acquired with a hybrid 3D-laser-sensor / J. Riegl, N. Studnicka, A. Ulrich -- Laser scanning and photogrammetry for the documentation of a large statue? Experiences in the combined use / Ch. Ionannidis, M. Tsakiri -- Photogrammetric reconstruction and virtual presentation of monastery of Christ Pantepoptes / Z. Duran, G. Toz -- Laserscanning and photogrammetry for the modelling of the statue Marc Anton / Ch. Briese, N. Pfeifer, A. Haring -- Using of non-expensive 3D scanning instruments for cultural heritage documentation / K. Pavelka, T. Dolansky -- Integrated survey methods to obtain interpretative models aimed to cultural heritage conservation / G. Tucci, V. Bonora, A. Spano -- 3D modeling and restoration : from metric to thematic survey : the case study of San Francesco al Prato in Perugia / G. Tucci, F. Algostino, V. Bonora, F. Chiabrando -- 3D modelling and visualisation of Al Bastakiya in Dubai, United Arab Emirates / K. Hadjri -- Archimedes3D : an integrated system for the generation of architectural orthoimages / A. Wiedemann, J. More, R. Tauch -- The survey of Lasos : new technology for knowledge and the critical analysis / S. Bertocci -- Analyses on building mortar samples used in the works of masonry of the Jasos Archaeological Site, Turkey / P. Pierattini -- The evaluation of lime mortars and plasters with the purpose of conservation and restoration / S. Acun, N. Arioğlu -- Integrated methodologies of representation and analysis of a great monumental structure : San Lorenzo Maggiore in Milan / C. Achille, S. Bozic, R. Brumana, L. Fregonese, C. Monti, G. Monti, C. Savi, R. Virgilio -- Izmit Sultan Abdulaziz Imperial Lodge : documentation and assessment of damage caused by the earthquake of 1999 / Y. Kahya, N. Yöney, A. Özer -- A birds eye view on Switzerland in the 18th century : 3D recording and analysis of a historical relief model / J. Niederoest -- Photogrammetric works on Tonyukuk monuments in Mongolia / F. Yildiz, H. Karabörk, M. Yakar, H.M. Yilmaz, L. Alp -- Transforming of historical real estate entities property to public property / R. Nisanci, R. Uzun, M. Cete -- Documentation of the silhouette changes of Istanbul using digital photogrammetric methods / S. Külür, M.O. Altan, Z. Duran, Y. Kardaş -- SYGIS--the Finish archaeological project in Syria / M. Lonnqvist, M. Törmae -- Digital surface modeling of jointed rock in stone monuments using laser scanner and digital camera / C.Y. Jeong, H.S. Lee, H.D. Park -- Towards a standard specification for terrestrial laser scanning of cultural heritage / D. Barber, J. Mills, P. Bryan -- Complex engineering technical examination of the Ascent Church at the State Outdoor Museum Kolomenskoye / N.M. Almazova -- Laser scanning and close range photogrammetry : towards a single measuring tool dedicated to architecture and archaeology / P. Drap, M. Sgrenzaroli, M. Canciani, G. Cannata, J. Seinturier -- Researching the orientation of monuments the church of the Great Meteoro Monastery / G. Pantazis, R. Korakitis, E. Lambrou, D. Sinachopoulos -- Tactile surveying methods of surveying building detail? : an essential component of computer-aided building surveying / U. Weferling -- A procedure for evaluating performance of measured survey methods / S. Elwazani -- Utilizing GIS for the assessment of historical stratification in Bergama (Pergamon) as a support for conservation decision-making process / A.G. Bilgin Altinöz -- Photogrammetry in Ephesos : recording basic spatial data / S. Klotz -- Documentation of archeological ruins and standing monuments using photo-rectification and 3D modeling / F. Summers, N. Atalan, N. Aydin, Ö. Başağaç, G. Uçar -- Experiences in photogrammetric archaeological recording / D. Mavromati, E. Petsa, G.E. Karras -- The magnetometer survey at the early Islamic city of Kharrab Sayyar, north-east Syria / M. Posselt -- Standardization : a necessity for the documentation & archiving in cultural heritage / M. Iannides, G. Hadzilacos -- Tailoring the heritage record : a proactive approach to users needs / J. Bell. C. Ouimet -- Contribution of simple teaching tools to the RecorDIM-Initiative / A. Wiedemann, F. LeBlanc -- A discussion on the analysis stage of strategic conversation planning / S. Onal Hoskara, N. Doratli -- Investigating Laser Scanner Accuracy / W. Boehler, M. Bordas Vicent, A. Marbs -- Architectural and natural heritage : virtual reality with photogrammetry and laser scanning / M. Caprioli, M. Minchilli, A. Scognamiglio, G. Strisciuglio -- The utility of geodetic survey techniques and equipments in architectural documentation : an assessment of recent approaches in Turkey : the documentation project of the Ottoman fortresses of Seddulbahir and Kumkale / C. Guney, R.N. Celik, L. Thys-Şenocak, A. Ozsavasci -- A data model for a GIS-based analysis of the Nasca lines at Palpa (Peru) / K. Lambers, M. Sauerbier -- Spatial information technology for the archaeological research area of the ancient city Tavium, central Anatolia / H. Müller -- An experimental study of GIS-aided conversation development plan the case of Sille, Konya / R. Erdem, S. Durduran, T. Cay, O.N. Dülgerler, H.H. Yildirim -- Traditional environment, culture and conservation : the case of Koruçam Village, Cyprus / F. İlkin, Ö. Özderen, O. Şengezer -- Documenting, managing & visualizing a huge digital photogrammetric data set / J.L. Lerma, C. Portales, D. Germes -- Non-destructive geophysical surveys : archaeological feedback / M. Ciminale, D. Gallo -- Istanbul Bosphorus as our cultural heritage, the process of change over time / C. Baytin, C. Canbay Türkyilmaz, A. Kiran, M. Tunbis -- Conserving cultural heritage in an urban setting and the role of multimedia technology / T. Yeh -- Preserving cultural landscapes and archeological information with the help of multimedia cartography / M. Jobst -- Cultural and socio-democratic analysis of a historical neighborhood in Edirne / N. Erdogan, V. Dökmeci, Damla Zeybekoğlu -- Revitalization of a street in a historic urban quarter : case study : Girne Liman Arkasi / B. Oktay, M. Fasli, N. Pasaogullari
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