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Cultural beginnings : approaches to understanding early hominid life-ways in the African savanna / J. Desmond Clark (ed.)

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Clark, J. Desmond (John Desmond) 1916-2002  Search this
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xi, 208 p. : ill. ; 30 cm
pt. A. Early hominid diet and analogues, models and ways of distinguishing the evidences of hominid activity from that of other animal agencies. Ecobotanical contexts for African hominids / M. O'Brien, R. Peters. On the marks of marrow bone processing by hammerstones and hyaenas: their anatomical patterning and archaeological implications / J. Blumenschine, M. Selvaggio. Bone distribution on a modern East African landscape and its archaeological implications / H.T. Bunn, E.M. Kroll, L.E. Bertram -- pt. B. Proto-language. The origin of speech / J. Wind. The emergence of spoken language in hominid evolution / Ph. V. Tobias -- pt. C. Earlier Stone Age assemblages from East and South Africa. On making behavioral inferences for early archaeological sites / K.D. Schick. The importance of experimental replicative and functional studies in Palaeolithic archaeology / N. Toth. The culture-stratigraphy, lithostratigraphy and biostratigraphy of the Acheulian sites of Lake Natron, Tanzania / A.A. Mturi. Kilombe: review of an Acheulian site complex / J.A.J. Gowlett. Stone artifact assemblages from Swartkrans, Transvaal, South Africa / J. Desmond Clark -- pt. D. Middle Palaeolithic/Middle Stone Age industries and the origins of modern humans. Recent research in western Kenya and its implications for the status of the Sangoan industry / S. McBrearty. Context for the emergence of modern man in eastern Africa: some new Tanzanian evidence / M.J. Mehlman. Chronology and stratigraphy of the Middle Palaeolithic at Bir Tarfawi, Egypt / F. Wendorf ... [et al.]
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