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Aircraft propulsion and gas turbine engines / Ahmed F. El-Sayed

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xxvii, 1447 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm
History and classifications of aero-engine -- Performance parameters of jet engines -- Pulsejet and ramjet engines -- Turbojet engine -- Turbofan engines -- Shaft engines -- High speed supersonic and hypersonic engines -- Industrial gas turbines -- Power plant installation and intakes -- Combustion systems -- Exhaust system -- Centrifugal compressors -- Axial flow compressors and fans -- Axial turbines -- Radial inflow turbines -- Module matching -- Selected topics -- Introduction to rocketry -- Rocket engines
"AIRCRAFT PROPULSION and GAS TURBINE ENGINES, Second Edition, will be a significantly updated and expanded survey of today's aeronautical and aerospace propulsion. The book will be divided into three parts rather than two as in its 1st edition. The first two parts are devoted to air breathing engines, while the third part will handle non-air breathing or rocket engines. The first part investigates the performance of air/land gas turbines, while the second part deals with the description, analysis and design of gas turbine modules. This edition will exhibit major and minor changes compared with 1st edition. Major changes include the adding of three new topics; namely, piston engines together with integrated propeller coverage; pumps; and rocket propulsion. Rocket propulsion has been added, to serve courses that include aerospace topics as well as aircraft. A complete Solutions Manual and Exam Supplement will be available for qualified adopting instructors"--Provided by publisher
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