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The Cnidaria, past, present and future : the world of Medusa and her sisters / Stefano Goffredo, Zvy Dubinsky, editors

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xx, 855 pages : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 29 cm
"This Springer imprint is published by Springer Nature"--Verso of title page.
Part I. Genesis, Evolution, and Systematics. 1. Emergence and evolution of early life in the geological environment / Barbara Cavalazzi and Roberto Barbieri ; 2. Integrated evolution of cnidarians and oceanic geochemistry before and during the Cambrian explosion / Jian Han, Xingliang Zhang, and Tsuyoshi Komiya ; 3. Origin and early diversification of phylum Cnidaria : key macrofossils from the Ediacaran system of North and South America / Heyo Van Iten, Juliana M. Leme, Mírian L.A.F. Pacheco, Marcello G. Simões, Thomas R. Fairchild, Fábio Rodrigues, Douglas Galante, Paulo C. Boggiani, and Antonio C. Marques ; 4. The new systematics of Scleractinia : integrating molecular and morphological evidence / Marcelo V. Kitahara, Hironobu Fukami, Francesca Benzoni, and Danwei Huang ; 5. Ceriantharia in current systematics : life cycles, morphology and genetics / Sérgio N. Stampar, Maximiliano M. Maronna, Marcelo V. Kitahara, James D. Reimer, Julia S. Beneti, and André C. Morandini ; 6. Origin and evolution of the nervous system considered from the diffuse nervous system of cnidarians / Osamu Koizumi -- Part II. Zoogeography. 7. Zoogeography of Hydrozoa : past, present and a look to the future / Cinzia Gravili ; 8. Diversity and distribution of Octocorallia / Carlos Daniel Pérez, Bárbara de Moura Neves, Ralf Tarciso Cordeiro, Gary C. Williams, and Stephen D. Cairns ; 9. Diversity and distribution of Actiniaria / Paula Braga Gomes, Alessandra Gomes Targino, Rafael Antônio Brandão, and Carlos Daniel Pérez ; 10. Cnidarian alien species in expansion / Manuel María González-Duarte, Cesar Megina, Pablo J. López-González, and Bella Galil -- Part III. Calcification. 11. Calcification in the Cnidaria through time : an overview of their skeletal patterns from individual to evolutionary viewpoints / Jean-Pierre Cuif ; 12. A non-traditional stable isotope perspective on coral calcification / Casey Saenger and Jonathan Erez ; 13. Influences of coral intra-skeletal organic matrix on calcium carbonate precipitation / Michela Reggi, Simona Fermani, Oren Levy, Zvy Dubinsky, Stefano Goffredo, and Giuseppe Falini ; 14. From molecules to morphologies, a multiscale modeling approach to unravel the complex system of coral calcification / Eva S. Deutekom, Pirom Konglerd, Paula Ramos-Silva, and Jaap A. Kaandorp -- Part IV. Reproduction and Population Ecology. 15. Reproduction of sea anemones and other hexacorals / Ekaterina Bocharova ; 16. Sexual reproduction in stony corals and insight into the evolution of oogenesis in Cnidaria / Shinya Shikina and Ching-Fong Chang ; 17. Sexual reproduction of Mediterranean scleractinian corals / Valentina Airi, Francesca Gizzi, Chiara Marchini, and Stefano Goffredo ; 18. Brooding corals : planulation patterns, larval behavior, and recruitment dynamics in the face of environmental change / Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley and Samantha J. de Putron ; 19. Larval dispersal and population connectivity in anthozoans / Márcio A.G. Coelho and Howard R. Lasker ; 20. Population dynamics of temperate corals in a changing climate / Erik Caroselli and Stefano Goffredo -- Part V. Symbiosis. 21. Microbial interactions on coral surfaces and within the coral holobiont / Max Teplitski, Cory J. Krediet, Julie L. Meyer, and Kim B. Ritchie ; 22. Association of coral-microbes, and the ecological roles of microbial symbionts in corals / Wei Sun, Ramasamy Anbuchezhian, and Zhiyong Li ; 23. From one to many : the population genetics of cnidarian-Symbiodinium symbioses / Scott R. Santos ; 24. General ecological aspects of anthozoan-Symbiodinium interactions in the Mediterranean Sea / Pilar Casado-Amezúa, Alejandro Terrón-Sigler, Jorge H. Pinzón, Paola Furla, Didier Forcioli, Denis Allemand, Marta Ribes, and Rafel Coma ; 25. Cnidarians and their polychaete symbionts / Tina N. Molodtsova, Temir A. Britayev, and Daniel Martin ; 26. Cassiopea and its zooxanthellae / Kathrin P. Lampert ; 27. Sea anemones and anemonefish : a match made in heaven / Karen Burke da Silva and Anita Nedosyko -- Part VI. Immune System. 28 Cnidarian immunity : from genomes to phenomes / Laura D. Mydlarz, Lauren Fuess, Whitney Mann, Jorge H. Pinzón, and Deborah J. Gochfeld -- Part VII. Photobiology and Circadian Clock. 29. Corals and light : from energy source to deadly threat / Zvy Dubinsky and David Iluz ; 30. The photobiology of Symbiodinium spp. : linking physiological diversity to the implications of stress and resilience / Mark E. Warner and David J. Suggett ; 31. Current understanding of the circadian clock within Cnidaria / Kenneth D. Hoadley, Peter D. Vize, and Sonja J. Pyott -- Part VIII. Global Climate Change. 32. Survey of cnidarian gene expression profiles in response to environmental stressors : summarizing 20 years of research, what are we heading for? / Keren Maor-Landaw and Oren Levy ; 33. Thermal-stress response of coral communities to climate change / R. van Woesik, C. Cacciapaglia, and C.J. Randall ; 34. Ecological and evolutionary considerations regarding corals in a rapidly changing environment / Paul W. Sammarco and Kevin B. Strychar ; 35. The impact of climate change and the environment on coral growth / M. James C. Crabbe ; 36. Cold-water corals in an era of rapid global change : are these the deep ocean's most vulnerable ecosystems? / J. Murray Roberts, Fiona Murray, Eleni Anagnostou, Sebastian Hennige, Andrea Gori, Lea-Anne Henry, Alan Fox, Nick Kamenos, and Gavin L. Foster -- Part IX. Medical Aspects and Applications. 37. Unusual cnidarian envenomations / Özgür Deniz Tezcan ; 38. Envenomation by cnidarians and renal injuries / Masashi Mizuno ; 39. Cubozoan envenomations : clinical features, pathophysiology and management / Angel Anne Yanagihara, Christie Wilcox, Jason Smith, and Gerald Wayne Surrett ; 40. The role of Cnidaria in drug discovery / Gian Luigi Mariottini ; 41. How venom from the magnificent sea anemone, Heteractis magnifica, kills breast and lung cancer cells / Barbara J.S. Sanderson, Karen Burke Da Silva, and Mahnaz Ramezanpour ; 42. Leveraging nematocysts toward human care / Tamar Lotan ; 43. Coral scaffolds in bone tissue engineering and bone regeneration / Mathieu Manassero, Adeline Decambron, Nane Guillemin, Hervé Petite, Rena Bizios, and Véronique Viateau -- Part X. Management and Conservation. 44. Population genetic structure of Corallium rubrum in the Mediterranean Sea : diversity, phylogeography, and bathymetric patterns / Federica Costantini, Didier Aurelle, Jean-Baptiste Ledoux, and Marco Abbiati ; 45. Molecular forensics into the sea : how molecular markers can help to struggle against poaching and illegal trade in precious corals? / Jean-Baptiste Ledoux, Agostinho Antunes, Anne Haguenauer, Marine Pratlong, Federica Costantini, Marco Abbiati, and Didier Aurelle ; 46. Advances in management of precious corals to address unsustainable and destructive harvest techniques / Andrew W. Bruckner ; 47. Conservation and restoration of coral reefs under climate change : strategies and practice / Suchana Chavanich and Voranop Viyakarn -- Part XI. In Myth and Art. 48. The myth of the Lernaean Hydra / Carl A.P. Ruck ; 49. The myth of Medusa : Benvenuto Cellini and the "Loggia de' Lanzi" in Florence / Ugo Bardi ; 50. Medusa and Perseus, and the relationship between myth and science / Margaret M. Toscano ; 51. Beheading the Gorgon : myth, symbolism and appropriation / Susan Deacy, Pauline Hanesworth, Greta Hawes, and Daniel Ogden
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