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Sculptures-Outdoor Sculpture
Sculptures-Architectural component
Administered by Tippecanoe County Commissioners 20 North Third Street Lafayette Indiana 47901
Located Tippecanoe County Courthouse On facade Lafayette Indiana
Dedicated Oct. 1882. Justice and Four Seasons reinstalled Oct. 1991
Save Outdoor Sculpture, Indiana survey, 1993.
Image on file.
The information provided about this artwork was compiled as part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture database, designed to provide descriptive and location information on artworks by American artists in public and private collections worldwide.
Nine sculptures are mounted on the facade of the Tippecanoe County Courthouse. Atop the dome is Lady Justice dressed in a full-length garment. She holds the scales of justice in her proper left hand. Beneath each of the four clock faces is a niche containing an allegorical female figure representing one of the four seasons - spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
The east and west pediments feature three seated, allegorical female figures representing, from left to right, Education, Industry and Agriculture. Education holds an open book. Industry rests her proper right hand on a cogwheel. Agriculture holds a scythe in her proper right hand and a bouquet of flowers in her proper left hand. A cornucopia may be at her feet.
The north and south pediments feature three seated historical figures. In the center is the Marquis de Lafayette, sometimes identified as George Washington, holding a sword across his lap. To his proper right is William Henry Harrison, sometimes identified as George Rogers Clark, dressed in a uniform with a cape draped over his proper left shoulder. His proper left hand rests on a United States shield, and he holds a sword in his proper right hand. Tecumseh is at Lafayette's proper left side. He holds a stone hatchet in his proper right hand and a spear with his proper left hand. He is bare-chested, and wears animal skin boots and an amulet around his neck.
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