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Vail, Lorraine  Search this
Earnie Sines  Search this
Einstein, Albert  Search this
Sculpture: bonded bronze; Base: concrete
Indian  Search this
Sculptures-Outdoor Sculpture
Administered by Montgomery County Public Schools Division of Construction 850 Hungerford Drive Rockville Maryland 20850
Located Watkins Mill High School 10301 Apple Ridge Road Courtyard Gaithersburg Maryland 20879
Cast 1989. Copyrighted 1989. 1990
Save Outdoor Sculpture, Maryland survey, 1993.
A relief of Einstein and several imaginary figures are placed in various locations throughout a multilevel courtyard. On top of a wall in the middle of the courtyard, is the crow-like Renaissance bird, wearing a floppy hat, pantaloons and shoes with bells on their tips. On a lower level is an owl, wearing a hat with a key attached to it. Huddled against its back are two meercats, standing on their hind legs. On the reverse side of the wall is a relief in the shape of a computer screen, with Einstein's head floating on a graphical plot of a mandelbrot set, and hatchet fish swimming by. Rectangular seats in front of the relief appear to be keys on a computer keyboard. To the left of the Renaissance bird is a crocodile in a lab coat, standing in front of an obelisk and holding a book and a test tube. At the front of the lowest level of the terrace is a sunken pit. Inside the pit is Dr. Digwell, a balding archaeologist with glasses and a moustache, who has uncovered thirteen vaguely Mayan figurines. One of the figurines is trying to run away while another is biting Dr. Digwell's proper right hand. On a secondary platform is a terrapin wearing a beach hat, sunglasses and surfer-shorts basking in the sun outside his shell. A shoebill stork stands behind him, balancing on one leg and holding a basketball against the top of the terrapin's shell. The laces of the stork's high-top sneakers are untied.
Ethnic--Maya  Search this
Portrait male--Head  Search this
Figure male--Full length  Search this
Occupation--Science--Archaeologist  Search this
Occupation--Science--Physicist  Search this
Animal--Bird--Crow  Search this
Animal--Bird--Owl  Search this
Animal--Fish  Search this
Animal--Meercat  Search this
Animal--Reptile--Crocodile  Search this
Animal--Reptile--Turtle  Search this
Animal--Bird--Stork  Search this
Object--Written Matter--Book  Search this
Object--Toy--Sports Equipment  Search this
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IAS MD000439
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Art Inventories Catalog, Smithsonian American Art Museums