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Stauffer, Richard  Search this
Emig, Dave  Search this
Landscape architect:
Hillman, Bob  Search this
Stauffer, Brendy  Search this
Schmidt, Scott  Search this
Plumb, Preston B  Search this
Lyon, Nathaniel  Search this
White, William Allen  Search this
Sculpture: Kansas limestone; Foundation: concrete
Indian  Search this
Sculptures-Outdoor Sculpture
Lyon County Fairground Association Industrial Road & West Highway 50 Emporia Kansas 66801
1992. Installed 1993
Save Outdoor Sculpture, Kansas survey, 1994.
Image on file.
(On one monolith, incised letters:) ALAHE (On other monolith, incised letters:) PLUMB (On other monolith, incised letters:) LYON (On other monolith, raised letters:) WAW unsigned
The information provided about this artwork was compiled as part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture database, designed to provide descriptive and location information on artworks by American artists in public and private collections worldwide.
Eight upright monoliths carved in relief with images of prominent Kansans and images related to the history of Kansas. Included are images of a Native American; a bust portrait of Senator Preston Plumb, a bust portrait of Civil War General Nathaniel Lyon (dressed in uniform); a bust of William Allen White (wearing a fedora hat, jacket, shirt and tie); a scene with railroad tracks leading to a Greek cross, a dollar sign and hammer. Also depicted is a landscape with turkey, stream and fish, lightning bolt, rain and rainbow; a scene with a church, wheat stalks, wagon wheel, cowboy hat and long-handled shovel; and a figure with two outstretched arms and the impressions of a head and neck, and other geometric carvings. The monoliths are arranged roughly in a circle, with six forming the outer perimeter and two in the inside. They are placed on an elliptical-shaped earth embankment.
History--United States--Westward Expansion  Search this
History--United States--Kansas  Search this
Allegory--Place--Emporia  Search this
Allegory--Place--Plains  Search this
Portrait male--Bust  Search this
Occupation--Other--Colonizer  Search this
Occupation--Political--Senator  Search this
Occupation--Military--General  Search this
Dress--Uniform--Military Uniform  Search this
Occupation--Writer--Journalist  Search this
Occupation--Writer--Editor  Search this
Dress--Accessory--Hat  Search this
Figure female--Full length  Search this
Ethnic--Osage  Search this
Figure--Fragment--Arm  Search this
Object--Tool--Hammer  Search this
Animal--Bird--Turkey  Search this
Animal--Fish  Search this
Architecture--Industry--Railroad Yard  Search this
Architecture--Vehicle--Wagon  Search this
Architecture--Religious--Church  Search this
Landscape--Weather--Lightning  Search this
Landscape--Phenomenon--Rainbow  Search this
Object--Foliage--Wheat  Search this
Object--Tool--Shovel  Search this
Control number:
IAS KS000531
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Art Inventories Catalog, Smithsonian American Art Museums