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(Grace and Holy Trinity Courtyard Fountain), (sculpture)

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Architectural firm:
Abend, Singleton & Associates  Search this
Abend, Stephen  Search this
Sculpture: sandstone and black brick; Basin: limestone and concrete
Sculptures-Outdoor Sculpture
Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church 13th & Broadway Kansas City Missouri 64110
Designed 1976. Installed 1978
Save Outdoor Sculpture, Missouri, Kansas City survey, 1994.
Piland, Sherry, and Uguccioni, Ellen J., "The Fountains of Kansas City," Kansas City, MO : City of Fountain Foundation, 1985, pg. 206-209.
Image on file.
a (Over relief:) ALLELUIAH ALLELUIAH unsigned
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Monumental fountain in a church courtyard. Water must travel over fifty feet throughout the fountain before it reaches its final destination, a triangular shaped pool, which represents the Holy Trinity. Water originates from a baptismal font on whose pedestal is inscribed four crosses. It then flows down a stepped brick wall, is funneled into a gutter which runs along the courtyard wall, and trickles down stairs into the triangular pool. At the end of the pool is a relief depicting columns, arches, and two cherubim. The relief was once part of an alter used in the church. Structure represents life cycle, from baptism to salvation.
Allegory--Life  Search this
Allegory--Quality--Faith  Search this
Religion--Angel  Search this
Religion--New Testament--Holy Trinity  Search this
Emblem--Cross  Search this
Architecture--Detail--Stairs  Search this
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IAS MO000141
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Art Inventories Catalog, Smithsonian American Art Museums