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William Duncan Strong papers, 1902-1965

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Strong, William Duncan 1899-1962  Search this
Arensberg, Conrad M  Search this
Balikci, Asen  Search this
Beals, Ralph Leon 1901-1985  Search this
Beardsley, Richard King  Search this
Benedict, Ruth 1887-1948  Search this
Bennett, Wendell Clark  Search this
Borton, Hugh  Search this
Bowman, Isaiah  Search this
Brew, John Otis  Search this
Cachot, Rebeca Carrion  Search this
Champe, John Leland  Search this
Childe, Vere Gordon  Search this
Coale, George L  Search this
Collier, Donald  Search this
Collins, Henry Bascom 1899-1987  Search this
Comas, Juan  Search this
Cooper, Paul Lemen 1909-1961  Search this
Corbett, John M  Search this
Crist, Raymond E  Search this
Davis, Edward Mott  Search this
Dockstader, Frederick J  Search this
Eiseley, Loren Corey  Search this
Ekholm, Gordon Frederick  Search this
Evans, Clifford Jr  Search this
Fairservis, Walter A  Search this
Fenton, William Nelson  Search this
Forde, C. Daryll  Search this
Funk, Robert E  Search this
Gillin, John Philip  Search this
Greenberg, Joseph Harold  Search this
Griffin, James Bennett  Search this
Guthe, Carl E (Carl Eugen) 1893-1974  Search this
Hagen, Victor Wolfgang von  Search this
Hallowell, Alfred Irving  Search this
Hallowell, Alfred Irving  Search this
Harrington, John Peabody 1884-1961  Search this
Harris, Marvin 1927-2001  Search this
Haury, Emil Walter  Search this
Heckel, Robert L  Search this
Herskovits, Melville J (Melville Jean) 1895-1963  Search this
Herzog, George  Search this
Hewes, Gordon Winant  Search this
Hibben, Frank Cummings  Search this
Hill, A. T  Search this
Hill, Willard William  Search this
Holder, Preston  Search this
Howells, William White  Search this
Hughes, Jack T  Search this
Jablow, Joseph  Search this
Jennings, Jesse David  Search this
Johnson, Frederick 1904-1994  Search this
Jones, Volney H  Search this
Judd, Neil Merton 1887-1976  Search this
Kelly, Arthur Randolph  Search this
Kelly, Isabel T (Isabel Truesdell) 1906-  Search this
Keur, Dorothy L  Search this
Kidder, Arthur Vincent  Search this
Kidder, Alfred II  Search this
Krieger, Alex Dony  Search this
Kroeber, A. L (Alfred Louis) 1876-1960  Search this
Krogman, Wilton Marion  Search this
Kulp, J. Laurence  Search this
LaFarge, Oliver  Search this
Landes, Ruth 1908-1991  Search this
Lantis, Margaret Lydia  Search this
Leacock, Eleanor Burke  Search this
Lewis, Kepler  Search this
Libby, Dorothy  Search this
Libby, O. G  Search this
Linton, Ralph 1893-1953  Search this
Lowie, Robert Harry 1883-1957  Search this
Macgowan, Kenneth  Search this
Madeira, Percy C  Search this
Malouf, Carling  Search this
Mason, John Alden 1885-1967  Search this
McAllister, J. Gilbert  Search this
McIlwraith, T. F  Search this
McKern, Will C  Search this
Meggers, Betty Jane  Search this
Mekeel, H. Scudder (Haviland Scudder) 1902-1947  Search this
Milligan, Edward A  Search this
Moorehead, Warren King  Search this
Mott, Mildred  Search this
Murdock, George Peter 1897-1985  Search this
Murphy, Robert  Search this
Newman, Marshall Thornton 1911-1994  Search this
Opler, Marvin Kaufmann  Search this
Orr, Kenneth G  Search this
Osgood, Cornelius  Search this
Perl, Leon  Search this
Rainey, Froelich G  Search this
Reed, Erik Kellerman  Search this
Ritchie, William A  Search this
Roberts, Frank H. H (Frank Harold Hanna) 1897-1966  Search this
Rouse, Irving  Search this
Rowe, John Howland  Search this
Schaedel, Richard  Search this
Shapiro, Harry Lionel  Search this
Smith, Carlyle S  Search this
Smith, Marian Wesley  Search this
Solecki, Ralph S  Search this
Spaulding, Albert Clanton 1914-1990  Search this
Spier, Leslie  Search this
Spoehr, Alexander  Search this
Stefansson, Vilhjalmur 1879-1962  Search this
Steward, Julian Haynes 1902-1972  Search this
Stirling, Matthew Williams 1896-1975  Search this
Stone, Doris  Search this
Stumer, Lou  Search this
Tello, Julio C  Search this
Thompson, Eric 1946-  Search this
Tozzer, Alfred Marston  Search this
Wallis, Ruth Sawtell  Search this
Washburn, Sherwood Larned  Search this
Wedel, Mildred Mott  Search this
Weiant, C. W (Clarence Wolsey) 1897-1986  Search this
Wheeler, Richard Page  Search this
Wheeler-Voegelin, Erminie 1903-1988  Search this
White, Leslie Alvin  Search this
Willey, Gordon Randolph  Search this
Ford, James Alfred 1911-1968  Search this
Wagley, Charles 1913-  Search this
Quain, Buell Halvor 1912-1939  Search this
Institute of Andean Research  Search this
Institute of Andean Research Viru Valley Project  Search this
National Research Council Committee on War Services of Anthropology  Search this
National Research Council Committee on Basic Needs in American Archaeology  Search this
Committee for the Recovery of Archaeological Remains  Search this
Columbia University  Search this
Morrill Expedition  Search this
Rawson-MacMillan Subarctic Expedition  Search this
Physical description:
31.5 linear feet (76 boxes)
Eskimos  Search this
Arikara Indians  Search this
Cahuilla Indians  Search this
Luiseño Indians  Search this
Naskapi Indians  Search this
Cupeño Indians  Search this
Serrano Indians  Search this
Sumu  Search this
Indians of North America California  Search this
Arctic peoples  Search this
Indians of North America Subarctic  Search this
Indians of North America Great Plains  Search this
Collection descriptions
Financial records
Mexico, Baja California
Great Plains
North Dakota
South Dakota
Oregon, Columbia River Basin
Washington, Columbia River Basin
California, Riverside County
Additional materials in the National Anthropological Archives relating to William Duncan Strong can be found in the records of the American Anthropological Association, Bureau of American Ethnology, Handbook of South American Indians, Institute of Social Anthropology, River Basin Surveys, the Society for American Archaeology, and Tulamniu Project (1933-1934); the papers of Ralph Leon Beals, John Peabody Harrington, Frederick Johnson, Frank Maryl Setzler, Ruth Schlossberg Landes, Albert Clanton Spaulding (including information on the Arzberger site), and Waldo Rudolph and Mildred Mott Wedel; Photographic Lot 14, Bureau of American Ethnology Subject and Geographic File; Photographic Lot 24, Bureau of American Ethnology-United States National Museum Photographs of American Indians; Photographic Lot 77-80, Portraits of Smithsonian Anthropologists; Photographic Lot 92-35, Ralph S. Solecki Photographs of Anthropologists; Numbered Collections, MS 4821 (records of the Anthropological Society of Washington), MS 4261 (photographs made on a site survey in the Santa Barbara Mountains, California, 1934), MS 4302 (journal covering the 1936 expedition to Honduras), MS 4846 (correspondence between BAE authors and the BAE editor's office), and MS 7200 (original field catalog of Honduran artifacts, 1936); and in the non-archival reference file. There are also materials in the Smithsonian Institution Archives in record units 87 (Ethnogeographic Board), 9528 (Henry Bascom Collins interviews), and 1050102 (papers of T. Wayland Vaughan). In the Human Studies Film Archives there is material on Strong in the video dialogues of Charles Wagley, 1983.
William Duncan Strong (1899-1962) was a major figure in American anthropology. His accomplishments were as a field worker in archeology and ethnology, archeological theorist, writer, and teacher. He was, furthermore, a leader in anthropological organizations. In 1954, his position in the field was recognized by the award of the Viking Fund Medal for his contributions to archaeology.
Electronic finding aid available from the website of the National Anthropological Archives.
The Strong papers were donated to the archives by Strong's widow, Mrs. Helen Richardson Strong. Most of the arrangements were handled by Ralph S. Solecki, then of Columbia University. He sent the papers to the archives between 1974 and 1979, and there have been small accretions since that time. Mrs. Strong donated the rights in the unpublished material in the collection to the public.
Addl. KW Subjects:
Arranged in 12 series: (1) Miscellaneous personal papers, 1914-1963; (2) Correspondence, 1922-1965; (3) Materials relating to field work, 1921-1963; (4) Miscellaneous research notes, 1917-1960 (most undated); (5) Maps and charts, 1902-1949; (6) Drawings by Naskapi Indians and Eskimos, 1910-1928; (7) Manuscripts of writings, 1922-1962; (8) Writings by other authors. 1902-1961 (some undated); (9) Papers relating to organizations, 1926-1961; (10) Teaching materials and course work, 1909-1961; (11) Miscellany, 1902-1961 (most undated); (12) Photographs, 1913-1950
William Duncan Strong's early interest was in zoology; but, while an undergraduate at the University of California, he was brought into anthropology under the influence of Alfred Louis Kroeber. He conducted archeological and ethnological field research in several areas of the New World, including Labrador, southern California, Honduras, and Peru. Strong was the first professionally trained archeologist to focus on the Great Plains, and it was there that he applied the so-called direct historical method, working from known history in interpreting archeological sites. His work in all these areas are represented by notebooks, diaries, specimen catalogues, maps, and photographs. Strong's papers include correspondence, field notes, diaries, newspaper clippings, teaching notes and student papers, manuscripts of his writings, writings by other authors, papers from the various organizations in which he served, maps, and a considerable number of photographs from his field work. The materials date from 1902 to 1962, with most of the materials being from 1927 to 1955.
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