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American Society for Ethnohistory records, 1953-1992

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American Society for Ethnohistory  Search this
Autry, Jr., William O  Search this
Baby, Raymond S  Search this
Baerreis, David Albert  Search this
Bennett, John William  Search this
Bishop, Charles Aldrich  Search this
Black, Glenn A (Glenn Albert) 1900-1964  Search this
Brugge, David M  Search this
Bryan, Bruce  Search this
Caldwell, Russell L  Search this
Cotter, John Lambert  Search this
Day, Gordon M  Search this
Dobyns, Henry Farmer  Search this
Dockstader, Frederick J  Search this
Dodge, Ernest Stanley  Search this
Ellis, Florence Hawley  Search this
Euler, Robert Clark  Search this
Evans, Emory  Search this
Ewers, John C (John Canfield) 1909-1997  Search this
Ezell, Paul Howard  Search this
Fairbanks, Charles Herron 1913-  Search this
Fenton, William Nelson  Search this
Ferdon, Edwin N  Search this
Fontana, Bernard Lee  Search this
Forbes, Jack D  Search this
Fowler, Don D  Search this
Freeman, John Finley  Search this
Hagan, William T  Search this
Hallowell, Alfred Irving  Search this
Heath, Dwight Braley  Search this
Helms, Mary Wallace  Search this
Hickerson, Harold  Search this
Hinton, Thomas B  Search this
Jennings, Francis  Search this
Kidd, Kenneth E  Search this
Knopf, Richard C  Search this
Krech, Shepard 1944-  Search this
Leacock, Eleanor Burke  Search this
Libby, Dorothy  Search this
Mahr, August C  Search this
Marriott, Alice  Search this
Meighan, Clement W  Search this
Murra, John V (John Victor) 1916-  Search this
Rodabaugh, James H  Search this
Schwerin, Karl H  Search this
Sharrock, Floyd W  Search this
Smith, Dwight L  Search this
Snow, Dean R  Search this
Spores, Ronald  Search this
Stephenson, Robert Lloyd  Search this
Sturtevant, William C  Search this
Swanton, John Reed  Search this
Trigger, Bruce G  Search this
Van Stone, James W  Search this
Vansina, Jan  Search this
Washburn, Wilcomb E  Search this
Webb, William S (William Snyder) 1882-1964  Search this
Voegelin, Erminie Wheeler  Search this
Witthoft, John  Search this
Ohio Valley Historic Indian Conference  Search this
American Indian Ethnohistoric Conference  Search this
Ayres, James E  Search this
American Society for Ethnohistory  Search this
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The American Society for Ethnohistory was founded as the Ohio Valley Historic Indian Conference, an interdisciplinary organization of historians, ethnologists, archeologists, and linguists. Its purpose was to promote the study of historical Indians of the Ohio Valley. In 1955, the conference became the American Indian Ethnohistoric Conference. The present name was adopted in 1966. The society's purposes, as suggested by the changes in name, have broadened and today it promotes cultural history of non-industrial people.
Donated by the American Society for Ethnohistory.
Portions of this collection are unprocessed. Please contact the archivist for further information
Earlier accessions, containing records dating from 1953-1979, have been arranged in the following proposed series: (1) Minutes of meetings, bylaws, and related documents, 1953-1966; (2) chronological correspondence files regarding meetings, 1953-1964; (3) alphabetical correspondence file regarding meetings, 1960-1964; (4) Bernard Fontana's correspondence , 1967-1970; (5) letters sent by Bernard Fontana, 1964-1965; (6) Ethnohistory subscriptions and finances, 1953-1962; (7) Ethnohistory subscriptions, 1953-1962; (8) Ethnohistory editorial correspondence regarding unused manuscipts, 1964-1968; (9) Ethnohistory editorial correspondence regarding published manuscripts, 1964-1968; (10) Ethnohistory book review correspondence, 1964-1967; (11) American Indian Ethnohistory Conference newsletter information, 1960-1963; (12) miscellany, n.d.; (13) correspondence of Harold Hickerson and Bernard L. Fontana as editors of Ethnohistory, 1968-1973; (14) records of James E. Ayres, 1971-1979; (15) correspondence and other records of Harold Hickerson about ASE business, 1965-1968; (16) correspondence and other records of William Curtis Sturtevant, 1965-1967; (17) correspondence and other records of Mary Wallace Helms, 1977-1979; (18) correspondence of Thomas B. Hinton, 1973-1967; (19) correspondence of James E. Ayres, 1977-1979
Two later accessions, containing materials dating from 1983-1994, are unprocessed
This collection consists of the records of the American Society for Ethnohistory and documents the activities of the officers of the ASE and the editors of the journal Ethnohistory. Earlier accessions, containing records from 1953-1979, include minutes, correspondence, financial records, subscription information, newsletters, and materials related to manuscript submissions and published manuscripts. Later accessions, containing records from the tenure of editor Shepard Krech (1983-1992) and secretary/treasurer William O. Autry (1986-1994), primarily contain correspondence, financial documents, contracts, minutes, newsletters, memorandums, manuscript submissions and reviewers' comments.
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