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Ernst Herzfeld Papers, Series 3: Notebooks; Inventory of Objects in Herzfeld Collection (Abbreviated and Corrected Version of N-89 and Continuation of N-91)

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Herzfeld, Ernst 1879-1948  Search this
Herzfeld, Ernst 1879-1948  Search this
Physical description:
Ledger : 1 volume (98 pages) ; 44.5 cm. x 28.5 cm. x 3 cm
Ledgers (account books)
- Title is provided by Xavier Courouble,FSg Archives cataloger, based on Joseph Upton's Catalogue of the Herzfeld Archive.
"Ernst Herzfeld's years in Iran [Persia] from 1923 to 1925 were made possible by a private company with limited liability called the Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Ausgrabungen und Forschungsreisen GmbH, which was founded in 1923. Its aim was to foster excavations and scientific expeditions in Asia and to publish the results. [...]. [Consequently] Herzfeld was able to travel freely in Iran and survey most major archaeological sites, [...]." [Jens Kröger, "Ernst Herzfeld and Friedrich Sarre", Ernst Herzfeld and the Development of Near Eastern Studies, 1900-1950. Edited by Ann Gunter and Stefan R. Hauser. Leiden: Brill, 2005. P.61 and P.64]
Finding aid, based on Joseph M. Upton's Catalogue of the Herzfeld Archive, 1974, is available in the Archives Department and on Internet
In the original arrangement of the Ernst Herzfeld Archive, Ledgers were included in a larger body of diverse material acknowledged by Ernst Herzfeld as his study collection. In the early 1970s, Joseph Upton, for research purpose, rearranged the collection and created a specific series (Ernst Herzfeld Papers, Series 3: Notebooks, 1904-1946, 1957, n.d.) for 131 notebooks, including four ledgers and eight travel journals. Upton has given this ledger an accession number, N-90, related to the series he created for the notebooks, probably following Herzfeld's original organization
- The second of a series of four inventory books, in which Ernst Herzfeld recorded archaeological remains, prehistoric artifacts and antiquities collected or acquired in several cities throughout Mesopotamia and Persia in 1923 and 1924.
- Additional information from staff reads: "Herzfeld has diversely applied to each inventory number, which are ranging from 1 to 1,864, and from 2,885 to 2,980, a place of provenance and/or acquisition; dates; sketches; a storage box letter code; references to collectors, and antique dealers; physical descriptions; a dinasty and reign attribution; currency price in Indian Rupee; and cross-references to additional materials (glass negatives, sketchbooks) within the Ernst Herzfeld Papers."
- "The content of ledger N-90 may tentatively be summarized into two subdivisions: 1) inventory numbers 1 to 1864, are a duplication of ledger N-89, and appear to be following a long series of entries entered in that ledger with much less handwritten annotations. As well, approximately 35 inventory numbers display different descriptive information from ledger N-89 to ledger N-90; 2) inventory numbers 2885 to 2980, which do not carry any dates, are a continuation of ledger N-91. The series seem to cover Herzfeld field activities of collecting and acquiring antiquities in Harsin, Saweh, Nahavand and Tepe Giyan, as well as acquiring stamp and cylinder seals in Tehran, Kermanshah, and Baghdad." [Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Archives, Archives cataloger]
- In Finding Aid, Joseph Upton's caption for N-90 reads, "Inventory of Herzfeld's Collection. Nos.1-1864 are, in general, a duplication of the entries in N-89, except for the following: entries 105-120 differ from those in N-89; entry 786 is a stone statuette, in N-89 it is a bronze lamp, each missing in the other volume; 3 unnumbered bowls between entries 1543-44 in N-89 are not in N-90. Also included in N-90 are entries 2885-2980, mostly objects from Nihavand and Harsin."
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