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National Museum of Natural History (U.S.) Division of Mammals  Search this
National Museum of Natural History (U.S.) Division of Mammals  Search this
Setzer, Henry W  Search this
Akpan, Stanley B  Search this
Case, John H  Search this
Cole, Ron E  Search this
Davis, Richard M  Search this
Dixon, John E. W  Search this
Durrant, Stephen D  Search this
Geest, Julius C  Search this
Geldenhuys, Piet J  Search this
Goussard, S. W  Search this
Graupner, O. F  Search this
Hallett, A. Frank  Search this
Hardy, Alan R  Search this
Harvey, Dean E  Search this
Hayward, Bruce J  Search this
Hearst, Michael G  Search this
Heist, Ted A  Search this
Hepplewhite, Robert D  Search this
Herbert, Dorothy L  Search this
Herbert, H. John  Search this
Hughes, George R  Search this
Kofi, A  Search this
Lambrechts, A. V. W  Search this
LeDuc, James E  Search this
Lingebach, J. Carl  Search this
Liversedge, S. J  Search this
Liversedge, Tim N  Search this
McIntyre, Thomas J  Search this
Moore, Alvin L  Search this
Norman, Harry L  Search this
Pretorius, J. J. L  Search this
Rautenbach, I. L  Search this
Risser, Arthur C (Arthur Crane)  Search this
Robbins, C. Brian  Search this
Schlitter, Duane A  Search this
Shaw, James H  Search this
Silberstein, Alan R  Search this
Vaden, Ralph E  Search this
Coetzee, C. G  Search this
Murdoch, Wallace P. 1924-  Search this
Ranck, Gary L (Gary Laval) 1933-  Search this
Robbins, Lynn W  Search this
African Mammal Project (Smithsonian Institution)  Search this
National Museum of Natural History (U.S.) Division of Mammals  Search this
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16.96 cu. ft. (16.96 non-standard size boxes)
Field notes
Collection descriptions
For a description of the record series of which these materials form a part, refer to the "Forms part of" above.
This collection consists of the field catalogs and journals of collectors for the Smithsonian Institution African Mammal Project (1961-1972). Henry W. Setzer, curator at Division of Mammals at the National Museum of Natural History, conceived and directed the project in which more than 40 collectors worked in more than 20 countries across Africa, resulting in over 63,000 specimens now housed in the National Museum of Natural History. Specimens included mammals as well as ectoparasites. Collected specimens were primarily Rodentia and Chiroptera, though 208 genera are represented. Collecting was primarily completed with multiple transect lines of snap traps, but also with hunting, roost searching, mist-netting, and specimen purchasing. Surveyed localities included a variety of zones, focusing on Northern Savanna and Southern Savanna biotic zones but also covering the Mediterranean, Sahara Desert, Guinea High Forest, and Southwest Arid, and to a lesser extent the Southwest Cape and Afromontane zones. Field books are organized by collector and time period. Journals describe most aspects of field work including collecting methods, specimens, environment, and sometimes include sketches to augment text. Formats are often consistent across journals, also including data and tables about temperature and relative humidity readings (usually at 0700 and 1900), as well as phase of the moon. Countries covered include: Algeria, Benin (Dahomey), Botswana (Bechuanaland or Bechuanaland Protectorate), Burkina Faso (Upper Volta), Chad, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Gambia, Ghana, Lesotho, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia). Principle collectors include: Stanley B. Akpan, John H. Case, C. G. Coetzee, Ron E. Cole, Richard M. Davis, John E. W. Dixon, Stephen D. Durrant, Julius C. Geest, Piet J. Geldenhuys, S. W. Goussard, O. F. Graupner, A. Frank Hallett, Alan R. Hardy, Dean E. Harvey, Bruce J. Hayward, Michael G. Hearst, Ted A. Heist, Robert D. Hepplewhite, Dorothy L. Herbert, H. John Herbert, George R. Hughes, A. Kofi, A. V. W. Lambrechts, James E. LeDuc, J. Carl Lingebach, S. J. Liversedge, Tim N. Liversedge, Thomas J. Mclntyre, Alvin L. Moore, Wallace P. Murdoch Jr., Harry L. Norman, J. J. L. Pretorius, Gary L. Ranck, I. L. Rautenbach, Arthur C. Risser Jr., C. Brian Robbins, Lynn W. Robbins, Duane A. Schlitter, Henry W. Setzer, James H. Shaw, Alan R. Silberstein, and Ralph E. Vaden.
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Smithsonian Institution Archives Capital Gallery, Suite 3000, MRC 507; 600 Maryland Avenue, SW; Washington, DC 20024-2520
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SIA Acc. 12-444
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