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Ellice Islands, Niutao (Polynesians) -- Catching Bonitos on the High Seas 1960

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one film reel (10 min.) silent b&w 16mm reference film
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Ellice Islands, Niutao
Title from credits (published work)--study collection
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Deposited in HSFA in 2006 by Institut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film (IWF) Wissen und Medien gGmbH via the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) Audio-visual Services, which possessed the film prints as the American Distributor for the IWF Encyclopaedia Cinematographica. Films were made by various German anthropologists for inclusion in the Institut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film (IWF) Encyclopaedia Cinematographica. Film prints of the Encyclopaedia Cinematographica were distributed in North America by Penn State Audio-Visual Services under an agreement with IWF. When Penn State Audio-Visual Services effectively closed in 2005, the film prints were offered to the Human Studies Film Archives. The HSFA agreed to accept all the ethnographic film titles in the Encyclopaedia Cinematographica. Since Penn State had no rights to the prints, HSFA negotiated an agreement with IWF Wissen und Medien gGmbH.
16 mm film prints.
Edited film: large outrigger boats equipped with poles and typical mother-of-pearl hooks take to the sea in order to catch bonitos. Flocks of sea birds indicate the presence of the fish. As the boat moves quickly across the surface the hooks are pulled along in the water. As soon as a fish swallows a hook a master fisherman uses a pole to haul the bonito into the boat.
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Human Studies Film Archives Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, Maryland
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HSFA 2006.2.848
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